If you make a comment responding to the content of a post, you are probably aiming to start a discussion on the topic.  You might want to start it in one of the following ways: 

Uzma’s post reminded me about…. 
Although I agree with Morgan’s point that …., I also think …
Daniel raised an important issue when he said … 
I beg to differ with Marcus’ assertion that …. because…
I really enjoyed Hannah’s anecdote (story) about … 

If you just want to congratulate the writer, remember to give a reason for admiring the post.  For example: 

 Brilliant post, Aimee, I  didn't realise it was so difficult looking after chickens!
Great description of ......   I recognized it straight away.

If your comment is intended to help the writer improve the quality of his/her posts, you could begin something like:

Caitlin, can you clarify your point about … Did you mean … ? 
Great point, Decland! Have you considered…? 


  1. I think that the discription in all of the pieces is great it made me picure all of the places. also the layout was great for that style of writing.

    Eleanor Kirton 7S

  2. What a great idea it is really useful to find out what Eleanor is doing and also what the rest of the school is doing.

    Catherine Kirton - Eleanor Kirton's Mum 7S

  3. its interesting how you comment on this certain website and I quite like what were doing to

    Matthew Brown 7N

  4. This is a test comment to know how it works. Enjoying my first year at BBEC. Looking forward to skiing on Sunday.

    Amy Whiteside 7R

  5. I think the preston guild is a really good idea but unfortantly im no taking part in it this year but I think all the ideas are great and it s agreat opportunity to take part in it.And i think if you could join in you should.

    Charley Carberry

  6. I agree with Matthew because I think it`s a good idea to be able to comment on this website. I like how we can have a look whats going on on this website.

    Melissa Entwistle 7R

  7. At first I didn't really get all the commenting stuff but this has helped me understand

  8. All of these examples have show me how to comment better than i did before.

    Josh Godley 7s

  9. This commenting is really quick and simple! I think it's great how you can comment how you feel towards blogs!

    Oliver Barker

  10. this is really easy and you should aomment on things you like

  11. It's so easy to do


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