Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Singalong and Marshmallow Challenge

It's always great fun  comes when the audience gets the chance to participate during the Talent Show. When it was time for the five year groups to compete against one another - with the help of the form tutors - by seeing who could sing  the 12 Days of Christmas with the most gusto, it was the young ones who rose best to the challenge.
 It was clear that Year11 were the weakest, whilst year 7 and 8 were deafening! I wouldn't be surprised if they could hear them for miles! Well done to all who lost their voices in the effort!

Much laughter took place during  The marshmallow challenge, featuring Mr Brady, Mrs Nash, Miss O'Rourke and Mr Bailey.

On came the marshmallows (the food, not the teachers!)which were shared out between the rather competitive looking contestants.

Q: How does one play?
A: Stuff the most marshmallows into your mouth BUT still be able to say  'Merry Christmas!' to win the title of Champion Marshmallow Eater.

It was a tough (but rather amusing) competition but after some heated competition and rather muffled 'Merry Christmases,' Mr Brady was crowned winner!

Good luck getting that taste out of your mouth, Sir!

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