Friday, 19 December 2014


It's the last day of term so it must be time for 

the Annual Broughton Xmas Talent Show!

Mr Stockley in Christmas jumper, accompanied by Miss Morris scarfed in tinsel and four trusty elves on the mic took to the stage to introduce Act 1: Dot Com.

Year 8 pupils Alfie.J on drums,  Joe.S, and Ben.H on guitars and  Harvey.B on keyboard and vocals  gave us a lively rendition of "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Slade and certainly woke up a rather quiet audience.

Before our second act began, it was time for some rather groan-worthy jokes with Miss Morris and Mr Stockley. They earned many a sigh from the audience, however then it was time for a feature video from the teachers, 'singing' God Only Knows!
Many laughs came from the audience as their favourite teachers came on dressed up as not-so-heavenly angels, etc! Brilliant!
Well done to Mr Law, Will Thornton and James Henderson for editing and setting all this up! I'm sure the teachers won't be forgetting this one for a while...

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