Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Broughton vs Parklands

The sun was out today for Broughton Year 8's clash with Parklands High School in the first round of the Lancashire Cricket Cup. The BBEC boys were all ready in their cricket whites and looking to progress in this important tournament. I had a chance to have a quick word with our captain, Alex, before the game and he was very enthusiastic about his teams chances saying they were "aiming to make a good win out of this match" and that we have a "very good chance". Just before the teams entered the field, Broughton huddled around for a team talk and we heard a very optimistic Amin shout " We're gonna win this!". Then Parkland arrived in their very impressive school cricket whites and the game was ready to start. To say Broughton got off to a bad start is probably an understatement. On the first ball, one of the star batsmen, Adam, was bowled out for a golden duck, and that wasn't the worst of it, highly-experienced Andy was out in the second over, and it wasn't looking good for Broughton, thanks to some amazing bowls by Parklands bowler. But it started to kick in and thanks to some amazing hits from Alex and Owen, including a fantastic four runs at once at one point from Alex, they managed to end with a very respectable score of (insert score) by the end of the sixteen overs. But a stellar and solid performance by Parklands including many, many runs meant that they were just too much and they won the bout by a very narrow margin of (insert number) and Parklands were off to the second round of the Lancashire Cricket Cup. A very good effort by the Year 8's and we hope they can use this experience for future games, as this is only the start of their cricket season. Harry, Year 8

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