Friday, 19 December 2014


Whilst a Nativity Play is performed every year, you can be sure it always has an unusual slant.  What was the twist this year?  It was all in German.

Starring Gromit as the baby Jesus and teachers in some A* costumes, the entertainment factor was off the scale. It was clear to see that everyone in the audience found it extremely funny, despite the slightly shaky German used!

Callum and Mrs Edwards LET IT GO!

Year 11 Callum's dreams were fulfilled today as he got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serenade the audience with Mrs Edwards.

As the music began Mrs Edwards and Callum strolled through the audience, much to their delight.   Mrs Edwards  dressed as the Snow Queen herself and  Callum as a fabulous fun-loving snowman, Olaf, were a sight to behold.

The world famous lines (that I'm sure are engraved into everyone's brains by now) to 'Let It Go' starts u on the screen.   Soon the whole crowd are joining in for the chorus and let's just say the front rows got a bit of  silly string surprise!

What good sports and what a wonderful show!

Megan Turns the Tables

When Megan Oxley performed  'Turning Tables,' by Adele, She instantlyly enchanted the audience with her amazinglyly powerful voice. Line perfect, she touched the whole school by hitting every note. What a wonderful voice and future star!!

Christmas Singalong and Marshmallow Challenge

It's always great fun  comes when the audience gets the chance to participate during the Talent Show. When it was time for the five year groups to compete against one another - with the help of the form tutors - by seeing who could sing  the 12 Days of Christmas with the most gusto, it was the young ones who rose best to the challenge.
 It was clear that Year11 were the weakest, whilst year 7 and 8 were deafening! I wouldn't be surprised if they could hear them for miles! Well done to all who lost their voices in the effort!

Much laughter took place during  The marshmallow challenge, featuring Mr Brady, Mrs Nash, Miss O'Rourke and Mr Bailey.

On came the marshmallows (the food, not the teachers!)which were shared out between the rather competitive looking contestants.

Q: How does one play?
A: Stuff the most marshmallows into your mouth BUT still be able to say  'Merry Christmas!' to win the title of Champion Marshmallow Eater.

It was a tough (but rather amusing) competition but after some heated competition and rather muffled 'Merry Christmases,' Mr Brady was crowned winner!

Good luck getting that taste out of your mouth, Sir!

Stand Up Bingo

Stand Up Bingo is an old favourite and indeed an annual event at the Talent Show.  This year the prize of £200 in vouchers ensured that virtually everyone was on their feet at the start of the event - having bought themselves at least one chance at winning first prize.

It's always amazing how quickly people are eliminated and, of course, the nearer they are to the possibility of winning, the bigger the groans they make when a number on their bingo card is called out.

This year ,first prize was claimed by a delighted  Pria  (Year 11)  whilst  Harry in Year 9 was more than happy to pick up 2nd prize.

Staff Karaoke

Whilst the audience enjoy appreciating the talents of their classmates, the highlight of the Talent Show tends to be any act where the staff take to the stage.

In true Talent Show tradition this year some brave staff staff looking slightly anxious, it must be said, faced the 900 strong audience to demonstrate their Karaoke skills.  After a bit of  confusion over the words at the beginning, they soon found their footing bursting into an enthusiastic sing along to 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!'
The crowd went wild!!

Don't look Back In Anger

Year 9's Emma, Izzi and Alistair's performance of the wonderful  Oasis tribute,  'Don't Look Back in Anger.' went down a storm.  Emma and Alistair performed fantastically whilst Izzi demonstrated an amazing voice. The put their own charming twist in the song and it is clear that the audience loved it; It just goes to show the musical talent we have here at Broughton. First, the Talent show, next Wembley Stadium!!

Up next came the year 9s Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.  The audience was treated to  more energetic dancing and effort from the year 9s and some brilliant pictures of them over the year displayed for all to see on the big screen!

Fire Throwing ... but no Fire Engine

Act 6 saw a Talent Show regular take to the stage.

Year 10s Will Thornton returned with  his famous flower sticks! With dramatic music creating the tension, on he ran and performed his circus act to the crowd, who clearly loved every second! Tossing and turning, it is clear he has some impressive skills.

He then stepped back and on came a breath-taking video where he did the same thing: with fire! Jaws were dropped and the round of applause was huge for this daring act.  If only Mr Morris had dared to allow him to perform this act live on stage!

Are We Going Crackers?

An excited audience welcomed Mrs Boardman, Mrs Higham and Miss Klunder onto stage for a "Cream Cracker Eating Challeng"  The rules were simple.  The first teacher to eat three very dry cracker biscuits would be the winner.   There were lots of "ooohs!" and  aaghs" from the audience and much hilarity as   Mrs Higham struggled and so got off to a slow start.  By contrast,  Miss Klunder was able to crammed all three biscuits into her mouth at once and to chomp her way to a  flawless victory!!!

You Can't Stop the Beat!

Next up was Melissa and Year 7 dancers performing to Hairspray, 'You Can't Stop The Beat!' The group made a fabulous start and demonstrated some  excellent choreography that got all the audience clapping and enjoying!

After Melissa's solo on ran the Year 7s with some brilliant moves! Well done!

We asked Melissa how she felt after the performance: "It went brilliantly! I didn`t forget it so that`s a bonus! The year 7`s danced beautifully;they were so good"

It's become a tradition here at Broughton for representatives from each year group to flock on stage to Rock Around the Christmas Tree.  First to be invited to perform and to set the standard were Year 8.  In previous years the stage has been in danger of collapsing so this year the health and safety elves in the form of year 11 students, selected volunteers and escorted them on stage.

Whilst the year 8s were extremely good at circling the tree - not much rocking was in evidence, leaving the way for other year group to steal the prize! 


It's the last day of term so it must be time for 

the Annual Broughton Xmas Talent Show!

Mr Stockley in Christmas jumper, accompanied by Miss Morris scarfed in tinsel and four trusty elves on the mic took to the stage to introduce Act 1: Dot Com.

Year 8 pupils Alfie.J on drums,  Joe.S, and Ben.H on guitars and  Harvey.B on keyboard and vocals  gave us a lively rendition of "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Slade and certainly woke up a rather quiet audience.

Before our second act began, it was time for some rather groan-worthy jokes with Miss Morris and Mr Stockley. They earned many a sigh from the audience, however then it was time for a feature video from the teachers, 'singing' God Only Knows!
Many laughs came from the audience as their favourite teachers came on dressed up as not-so-heavenly angels, etc! Brilliant!
Well done to Mr Law, Will Thornton and James Henderson for editing and setting all this up! I'm sure the teachers won't be forgetting this one for a while...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Broughton vs Parklands

The sun was out today for Broughton Year 8's clash with Parklands High School in the first round of the Lancashire Cricket Cup. The BBEC boys were all ready in their cricket whites and looking to progress in this important tournament. I had a chance to have a quick word with our captain, Alex, before the game and he was very enthusiastic about his teams chances saying they were "aiming to make a good win out of this match" and that we have a "very good chance". Just before the teams entered the field, Broughton huddled around for a team talk and we heard a very optimistic Amin shout " We're gonna win this!". Then Parkland arrived in their very impressive school cricket whites and the game was ready to start. To say Broughton got off to a bad start is probably an understatement. On the first ball, one of the star batsmen, Adam, was bowled out for a golden duck, and that wasn't the worst of it, highly-experienced Andy was out in the second over, and it wasn't looking good for Broughton, thanks to some amazing bowls by Parklands bowler. But it started to kick in and thanks to some amazing hits from Alex and Owen, including a fantastic four runs at once at one point from Alex, they managed to end with a very respectable score of (insert score) by the end of the sixteen overs. But a stellar and solid performance by Parklands including many, many runs meant that they were just too much and they won the bout by a very narrow margin of (insert number) and Parklands were off to the second round of the Lancashire Cricket Cup. A very good effort by the Year 8's and we hope they can use this experience for future games, as this is only the start of their cricket season. Harry, Year 8

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Talent Show 2013: What a Thriller

We were in for a shock as all the staff came in appropriately dressed for the Thriller dance - all hidden in masks they caused a right scare and the dance itself was rather good.
Ms Smith, Miss Wozniak, Ms. McCarthy, Mr Bardy, Mr Starkie

Talent Show 2013: Chloe and Iman

Chloe and Iman were up next with their fabulous performance of 'Halo.' Chloe sang absolutely beautifully and Iman demonstrated some amazing guitar skills - a fantastic cover! Great job girls!