Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Save Our Trees!

Tree hugging - some people think it's stupid, right? Wrong!
You may have noticed that the big tree on the entrance to the school's back carpark now has a yellow ribbon around it. Why? Because pretty soon, this 300 year old tree will be no more... This tree has seen the battle of Preston, the building of this school and has survived some pretty tough times - so why would we cut it down? This tree is a vetran tree and it still has another 700 years ahead of it, but because it is not an ancient oak, it will raise no eyebrows if we simply cut all this history down. This tree has a meaning to our school - it is not just a tree, it is part of our history, Brougthons history! If we saw down this tree, we will not just be losing a chunk of tree, we will be losing a chunk of Broughton! So protest against this murder - protest against losing this tree! As well as this tree, we will also be cutting down more of these natural wonders further down the carpark - including Broughtons second oldest oak. This particular oak - if we keep it - should live to see baby Prince George's great, great grandchildren rule, but as current things stand - it wont even live to see next summer. Can you imagine our school without the wonderful things we call trees - no? Then sign your name in the comments to show your support for saving this tree!
Report by Megan and Izzi.


  1. It sounds like you feel strongly about helping ancient trees to survive, Megan. I notice you haven't explained why the tree might be cut down. I bet there are many people who feel strongly that it is acceptable to cut it down because of what will appear in its place. I look forward to another post explaining the school's plans for development around the back of school:)

  2. Hey Megan , I have to say I agree very strongly to your point!


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