Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Harry and Dylan's Battle of Hastings rap

Me (Harry) and Dylan worked together to create this poem/rap in Humanitites about The Battle Of Hastings:
The battle started with William' A strong and wealthy man.
And that cheeky old Harold. He lived in a can.
 They had a disagreement, About who should be king.
Turned into an all out riot. Y'know that sort of thing.
 They fought and fought and fought, Up and down the hill.
Their one and only motive, To kill and kill and kill!
 This went on for hours, Until Will thought a cunning plan.
 So he gathered them all together, And they came man by man.
 "We shall fake retreat, Then turn around for the surprise attack
 We'll deliver a massacre Then we'll go back."
 So thats what they did. Tricked 'em all.
And that turned into, The Saxons fall.
 But did Harold really get shot in the eye? We might never know.

That's it. What do you think?