Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Thing I (Rob) did This Week

The Week At BBEC
By Robert Dunkley

This week wasnt the most exciting week at broughton, but in english set 2 class of year 8 had the extreme task of writing the highwayman poem (only 6 paragraphs) and then after the barbaric task they could listen to the nice soothing music of the dick turpin horrible history song for a little treat.

The paragraph was a long olden paragraph. The paragraph was at least 200 words long and the set 2 class had to write it on an A5 sheet of  paper in are book. Everyone succeeded the task and could listen to the music of horrible history.

The song was about the great dick turpin who robbed the rich. The song was the music to the kids ears as when the song ended the bell rung and they could flee the school and get home for tea.

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