Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Anne Frank History of Today (my first blog)

  During this week many Religious Education groups, mainly Year 8, came to visit the exibition and see the life of Jewish girl, Anne Frank, who wrote her own diary during World War II/ Holocaust. This famous celebration was supported by The Anne Frank Trust; it was set up in the library.

  I bet some of you might think, why was she so special? She was special because she was around our age; before this event happened, she was an typical girl with an average life

  Before I finish, we have to say a big thank you to Marian and Adam who were from the Anne Frank Trust and providing this event for the school. In addition to Marian and Adam, we had our thirteen Year 8 guides who we are grateful for.
Our Year 8 guides: -
Zulaikha, Adam, Callum, Matt, Josh, Louis, Gitana, Maddie, Melissa,
Bethany, Ammarah, Frankie and Megan
8J1 being told information by Adam 

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  1. A fantastic first post, Sam. Keep up the good work.


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