Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Anne Frank History of Today (my first blog)

  During this week many Religious Education groups, mainly Year 8, came to visit the exibition and see the life of Jewish girl, Anne Frank, who wrote her own diary during World War II/ Holocaust. This famous celebration was supported by The Anne Frank Trust; it was set up in the library.

  I bet some of you might think, why was she so special? She was special because she was around our age; before this event happened, she was an typical girl with an average life

  Before I finish, we have to say a big thank you to Marian and Adam who were from the Anne Frank Trust and providing this event for the school. In addition to Marian and Adam, we had our thirteen Year 8 guides who we are grateful for.
Our Year 8 guides: -
Zulaikha, Adam, Callum, Matt, Josh, Louis, Gitana, Maddie, Melissa,
Bethany, Ammarah, Frankie and Megan
8J1 being told information by Adam 

Anne Frank Exhibition

This Week
Report on Anne Frank Exhibition
Last tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday about 10 pupils of year 8 were trained to be Anne Frank educators. On the Tuesday and Wednesday two members of the Anne Frank Trust, Marian and Adam came into school to educate us on Anne Frank, her family and the holocaust. Training us to be Anne Frank educators. A exhibition was set up all around the library with pupils work on display. The pupils being trained were guided around the exhibition by Marian and Adam before being taught more about the holocaust improving their knowledge on the subject. This all leading up to the guides teaching classes from the school and also a year 6 class from Broughton Primary School.

On Wednesday every pupil being trained decided what they wanted to do the next two days to the classes. The options were to either to do a workshop including a suitcase with a replica of Anne Frank’s diary inside. Or to pick about three or four sections/ boards of the story of the holocaust to explain to other pupils.

On Thursday, classes came in including three year 8 classes, one year 7 class and one year 10 class. The pupils taught the year 7s and 8s working very hard to make sure all the pupils involved understood everything the guides said. Some of the guides even took over one of the Anne Frank Trust members jobs of introducing the topic to the classes and doing a brief explanation of the story.

Some of the guides said that Friday was the highlight of the week because a year 6 class from Broughton joined us for the afternoon. Each guide was given either 2 or 3 children to take round the whole exhibition and teach everything to them. Each year 6 pupil was given a Anne Frank booklet to fill in on the way round with help from their guides. There was activities to do on the way round. Afterwards each child had a drink and a biscuit and sat down to chat with their guides. By this time the guides had formed a bond with their year 6 pupils so had a lovely time just talking together. Teachers from Broughton Primary School commented on how well the guides taught the children and how friendly they were.

This was a great event and we hope to do it or something similar in the future.

Report By Maddie Cowgill Smith

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Naional Hobbit Day

Pupils Celebrate National Hobbit Day

As the book the Hobbit approaches its 76th book anniversary and the new film has recently been released (film 1 of a trilogy), national hobbit day is an important day to the school. To celebrate this literacy genius, the school promoted lots of hobbit themed quizzes and activities - and many pupils came to school dressed up as characters from the Lord of The Rings/Hobbit!

The book, written by J. R .R. Tolkien, a teacher at Oxford University, was originally intended as a tale to amuse his children – but then developed into a worldwide phenomenon and the sequel trilogy (The Lord of The Rings) soon followed. 76 years on the book has transformed into a major motion picture directed by Peter Jackson.

We asked pupils if they had seen the film and it came out with mainly positive reviews, as more than half the pupils had seen (and enjoyed!) the film.  Even more pupils had read the books and it amazes many that even though it was published in 1937, it still wows and captivates children and adults alike today. 

We saw lots of interesting costumes and many people took part in the ‘Best Dressed Hobbit’ competition held in the library. Also in the library, at lunch and break people were able to bring up their lunch and enjoy reading the books and watching bits of The Lord of The Rings in a special ‘Hobbit Reading/Film Area.’

All in all, the event was a great success and both students and teachers alike enjoyed the day and look forward to celebrating Bilbo and Frodo Baggins Birthday on 22nd of September!

Report by Megan Whitlock.

The Thing I (Rob) did This Week

The Week At BBEC
By Robert Dunkley

This week wasnt the most exciting week at broughton, but in english set 2 class of year 8 had the extreme task of writing the highwayman poem (only 6 paragraphs) and then after the barbaric task they could listen to the nice soothing music of the dick turpin horrible history song for a little treat.

The paragraph was a long olden paragraph. The paragraph was at least 200 words long and the set 2 class had to write it on an A5 sheet of  paper in are book. Everyone succeeded the task and could listen to the music of horrible history.

The song was about the great dick turpin who robbed the rich. The song was the music to the kids ears as when the song ended the bell rung and they could flee the school and get home for tea.