Saturday, 22 December 2012

Will is a Talent Show Genius!

Juggling and rolling a set of Flower Sticks (3 sticks some 40 centimetres long)  to the sound of "in the jungle" Will in Year 8 had the audience hooked from the off.  To much laughter and huge admiration, Will performed amongst other tricks, a helicopter, tick tock and finished with a stunning high throw.

The act started with Will starting off slowly rolling the stick he was juggling with his other 2 sticks down, then up. When the music got quicker he got quicker moving on to the spin. Spinning the main stick frantically round in a circle he moved to the normal tossing the object. After all that he then rolled the main stick all the way up his lengthy arms then all the down his legs. With a final flick he kicks the main stick into the are then catches it with his hands. For the finale he tosses the Stick metres into into the air and catches. Through out the act Will didn't drop the stick - which was amazing.

You might wonder about Will's unusual talent.   Well, after performing with the Flower Sticks at his primary school talent show in Year 5, Will really got the bug and now keeps his hand in by practising perhaps once a month.

Next time, Will, we suggest you add some dramatic face paint to top off a terrific act!

Posted by Rob Dunkley- Media Team.


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  1. Yours was a fantastic performance Will and the highlight of the talent show for me. Well done.


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