Saturday, 22 December 2012

Stand Up Bingo!

One of the most anticipated moments of the show is the Stand Up Bingo event.  Once again the prize on offer was an ipad 2 and judging by the number of tickets sold by Mr Clitheroe and his helpers,  it was much sought after.

There was huge excitement in the air as hundreds of students stood up clutching their ticket(s) but in no time at all just 19 remained.  They were invited to line up at the front of the stage, were allocated a number and then waited with bated breath.

As tension mounted and fingers and toes were crossed, Miss Worden dug deep into the sack and pulled out  the number ... 7!

Year 7 pupil Eve beamed with delight.  She had bought just one ticket and won herself a fantastic early Christmas present.

We all hope she enjoys her new iPad 2!

Posted by  Alister Cross - Media Team.

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