Thursday, 13 December 2012

Delivering you the all-new Flying Memo

Since the launch of our official blog from Broughton, there has been little change in the design of The Flying Memo. Today that changes. The Flying Memo 3.0 is here.

3.0 you ask? Yes, there have been two generations of design here on The Flying Memo. The first was very simple and minimalist with traditional style fonts. We then moved to the previous design below:

Today, I am proud to show introduce the design for The Flying Memo 3.0:

Fresh, minimalistic and clear, this design is going back to our roots with the blog's first design.

There's an update to the mobile view of The Flying Memo too. We are delighted with the changes and are sure you will be too. Feedback welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Impressive changes, Henry and good use of annotations on your images. Do tell us how you created them. Thank you, too, for your efforts.


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