Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Week 1 At Media Club

Last week at media club, all the new members were having a fantastic time earning badges and learning some new skills! Here are just a few examples of the challenges and badges members of the team were trying to earn:
Melissa was working towards getting the flip camera badge as well as learning some IPad skills along the way. At the same time Matthew was experimenting with music using Audiotool  - Tom was also working towards a music badge. Harry was hoping to get the avatar badge for edmodo using Portrait Illustration Maker, this is just one of the many websites we use at Media Club. Harry B was completing the Voki Creator badge, this is where you use the website Voki to create your own talking character.On top of all that Louis was trying to earn all of the typing challenges on Sam was also busy on the Tagxedo badge.
There was lots of eager new members at media club last week and we hope to see just as many in the future, earning lots of new badges!
Report By Megan and Maddie.

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  1. Thank you Maddie and Megan for this post. It is informative and very professionally done. You have worked independently and most conscientiously. Magnificent, as Mr Morris would say!


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