Wednesday, 20 June 2012

2012 Sports Day

The sun shone brightly throughout the morning events, but typically as the entire school streamed out onto the field for an afternoon packed full of track and field events, the clouds arrived and stayed with us much of the afternoon.

Sports Day is a huge team event, that takes much organisation.  Fortunately at BBEC it is a well rehearsed routine.

Whilst the PE staff and a host of helpers ensured that the sports events ran smoothly and that performances were timed and recorded,  Mrs Boardman and Ms O'Rourke kept a running total of the points being earned for each form.   This enabled Mr Taylor, who was  in control of the microphone, ably supported by sound engineers  Mr Clitheroe and Lauren Short, to keep spectators  up to date with scores throughout the afternoon, in between his famously enthusiastic commentaries on the action on the track.  

Sadly missing this year were the chants produced by Year 7 students in previous years.  Ms Cox apologises profusely for failing to save some fabulous recordings her Year 7 class did for her just before she left BBEC.  She has learned the hard way that it is vital to press "Save" before closing the lid of a Macbook!!

The words and pictures on this blog come to you thanks to the efforts of BBEC's Media Team: Henry Cookson, Peter Murphy, Tom Blackburn, Ben Calcutt, Maddy Cowgill Smith, Megan Whitlock, Melissa Entwistle, Niamh Aire, Matt Jenkinson, Kiran Dobney, Tim Brooke, Tom Entwistle, Abby Welsh , ably assisted by Miss Slack, Ms Cox and former BBEC student, Dominic Thompson.

This year we were excited to test out two new ipods, which allowed us to capture the action and upload directly to the blog in a jiffy.  Whilst the quality of the photos cannot match those taken with  the Canon cameras our photographers used, they do a pretty good job of giving  sense of the occasion.  

Thank you one and all for your hard work and your contribution to yet another highly enjoyable and  successful Sport Day. 

Ms Cox

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