Friday, 29 June 2012

A good time was had by all

Sponsored walk

Everyone had a great time on the walk. The weather was a lot better than last week when the walk was forced to be cancelled due to the amount of rain. It was five kilometres long and by the end everyone was really tired but glad to have done it.


Walking on your own

Having heard some year eights asking why someone was walking on his own. I thought I'd ask what you think about walking on your own. Peaceful or boring? Do friends walking with you distract you or do you enjoy the company?

Back in grounds

We're just getting back in to school grounds. Not long till we've finished and it's only two o'clock! What to do now?

Over the bridge

Heading back over the rail bridge just as a train runs under us. What a noise! Nearly back at school now!

The last groups

The last few groups are crossing the road and we're all on our way back to school. Not quite as fun as going through the fields but not everyone was ready for the mud.

Going back!?

We've reached the quarry and are ping round in a circle back on ourselves!

Railway bridge

We are now on the usual path for the sponsored walk. Still a long way to go by I have just met the first five people who are on their way back to school well done them!

At the all weather pitch

We're between the all weather pitch an a field. Soon we will be joining on to the normal route. At least the weather is nice!

Sponsored walk 2012

The majority of the school has set off for the walk after a change of route due to the weather. Let's hope the current sunshine doesn't turn to cloud and rain!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Guild Enterprise Fair

From Monday 2nd July to Wednesday 4th July around 10 pupils are going to the Guild Arcade in Preston to do a special enterprise fair. Every day there will be 2 shifts. On Monday there will be one from 10 am -2pm and another from  5:30pm-9pm.

Learning To Blog Using The IPods

This is a picture of a digital leader learning how to blog using the school iPod! We used the blogger app on the iPod to post on the Flying Memo!  It was quite easy.
By Maddie

Ms Cox Champion Blogger

Here is Ms Cox patiently teaching Miss Allen and Mrs Evans about blogging!!  The idea was that both us teachers would download the Blogger app to our iphones and be away.  Technology in school doesn't work like that, however.  Mrs Evans couldn't access the app store since her phone is not set up to access the school wifi, whilst I didn't know the password for my apple id! Fortunately, Ms Cox had 2 school ipod touches already set up and so the day was saved.  With less than 5 taps and just a few words both of us had created our first post.  (We stopped moaning and started concentrating when Ms Cox told us how fantastic the Year 5s had been this morning.)  

Watch this space for pictures on Newspaper Day direct from Mrs Evans iphone.

Miss Allen.

Looks like Ottoline and the Yellow Cat Is A Purrfect Tale

Ms Cox and Mrs Harwood had a super time with Year 5 pupils at a local primary school.  The pupils took to blogging using ipod touches and the blogger app like the proverbial ducks to water.    They were huge fans of the free app Mad Lips, but the school filters prevented us from uploading the video.  

Reading Maggot Pie

A Gaggle of Girls Having Fun

Why are they reading the same book?

Fantastic Frankie - that's the book, not the pupil!

I'm fantastic too!

A Killer of A Diary!!

I bet that book's good

The Boy in the Dress

The title alone makes this a MUST read.

Reading Rocks

A Year 5 pupil reading his favourite book

Testing out blogger

 Look at these lot all reading the blogs

Goosnargh pupils fly at blogging

Goosnargh Author Hunt

Year 5 pupils having fun hunting for authors - not bears.  BBEC Librarian, Mrs Harwood set pupils an A-Z challenge.  Find one author for every letter of the alphabet.  (surnames, of course.)  pupils started by seeing who they could remember, then they looked around the classroom, and finally they recognised the value of the library in holding the information they needed.  The corridor between the classroom and library soon resembled an ant trail, as pupils scurried one by one to find the answer and return with it to their group.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pic Jointer

I have just found this free app called Pic Jointer which adds an interesting touch to your photo collection. Watch out for more collages.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tug-of-War Action

Year 10 Relay

This was a quick race.  The winners were 10N  followed by 10C then in third was 10S. 10N were always in the lead it was a very close race with 10S running right behind 10N most of the way then 10C over took N and came second

by Niamh

7B's Barbados Look!

This being the year of the Olympics, the PE Department decided to add a twist to our Sports Day.  Each form was allocated a country and asked to dress up in the colours of that country.  Here we see a particularly imaginative touch from members of  7B.   

Year 9 Boys 100m

C took the lead early in the race then half way into the race B took over and kept the lead until the very end when they passed the finish line in 1st place winning more important points for their team. In 2nd place was H and in 3rd was S.

Post By Maddie CS

Thoughts on Sports Day

Cameron O'L who was running 400m for 7H said "I Found it hard and I'm really breathless. I'm not doing it again next year but I will do something a little easier!

After coming second for 9c Oliver D  said "It was hard work and I feel like I've lost my legs. However, it was fun and I will definitely do it again."

Post By Abby W

Tug of war year 7

There was plenty of cheering from the crowd as 7R took on 7B in the tug of war final. Accompanied by plenty of oohs and gasps from the audience  the flag was yanked from one side of the centre line to the other until after much pulling, 7R won by pulling the flag clean past the cone. Twice!

by Melissa

Year 9 Girls 100m

The girls started off with a slight false start but they picked it up again. In 1st place was B. In 2nd place was S then 3rd was C. The fast B competitor earned some useful points for the team that may well help them win sports day overall!

Post By Maddie CS 

Year 10 boys 200m

Year 10 girls 200m

Year 7 400m boys

First was Josh 7S about 7 metres ahead of Thavid N and then close behind him in third place was Rajan in C.

New School Record!

Today Iman broke the previous school discus record of 15. 95 meters by 10 centimetres with a huge throw of 16.05 meters. We will have to wait until next year now to see if that record can be beaten.

Post by Abby W

Year 10 Boys 100m

Everyone was watching with anticipation to see who would win as the competitor for S took a half a metre lead over R. Approaching the finish line the runner for R increased his pace and crossed the finish line in 1st place very closely followed by S.

Year 8 Girls 100m

Throughout the whole race S (green) was very far in front of the other forms. Then in 2nd place was N (black) and in 3rd was B (white). Not surprisingly, as soon as the competitor from S crossed the line she started celebrating.

Post By Maddie CS

YR 9 Boys 100m race

The boys of year nine celebrate their performances in the 100m race. In first place we had  Chris of 9B, in second place Johnny of 9C and in third place Tom of 9H

2012 Sports Day

The sun shone brightly throughout the morning events, but typically as the entire school streamed out onto the field for an afternoon packed full of track and field events, the clouds arrived and stayed with us much of the afternoon.

Sports Day is a huge team event, that takes much organisation.  Fortunately at BBEC it is a well rehearsed routine.

Whilst the PE staff and a host of helpers ensured that the sports events ran smoothly and that performances were timed and recorded,  Mrs Boardman and Ms O'Rourke kept a running total of the points being earned for each form.   This enabled Mr Taylor, who was  in control of the microphone, ably supported by sound engineers  Mr Clitheroe and Lauren Short, to keep spectators  up to date with scores throughout the afternoon, in between his famously enthusiastic commentaries on the action on the track.  

Sadly missing this year were the chants produced by Year 7 students in previous years.  Ms Cox apologises profusely for failing to save some fabulous recordings her Year 7 class did for her just before she left BBEC.  She has learned the hard way that it is vital to press "Save" before closing the lid of a Macbook!!

The words and pictures on this blog come to you thanks to the efforts of BBEC's Media Team: Henry Cookson, Peter Murphy, Tom Blackburn, Ben Calcutt, Maddy Cowgill Smith, Megan Whitlock, Melissa Entwistle, Niamh Aire, Matt Jenkinson, Kiran Dobney, Tim Brooke, Tom Entwistle, Abby Welsh , ably assisted by Miss Slack, Ms Cox and former BBEC student, Dominic Thompson.

This year we were excited to test out two new ipods, which allowed us to capture the action and upload directly to the blog in a jiffy.  Whilst the quality of the photos cannot match those taken with  the Canon cameras our photographers used, they do a pretty good job of giving  sense of the occasion.  

Thank you one and all for your hard work and your contribution to yet another highly enjoyable and  successful Sport Day. 

Ms Cox

Monday, 18 June 2012


from my new ipod Touch, in preparation for sports day when we will have three iPod Touches in use and will be capturing the action as it happens. Fingers crossed for good weather.