Thursday, 8 March 2012


Recently "British Cycling" teamed up with us here at Broughton to create a Go-ride promotional DVD with help from Coach Tom, the boys from Stanley Road Media, a group of willing year 10s and head of the operation Colin. The session was completed on mountain bikes supplied by British cycling and involved Year 10 pupils completing a series of tasks in three teams on the all weather pitch on a mini race track mapped out with cones.

 But before all the excitement could begin we had to complete a series of crucial safety checks! Then once helmets were firmly in place the action began. Over the session the year 10s competed in scooting, (with bike) and pushing (with bike) relays. Towards the end of the session it was time for the race of all races. The team pursuit! Two teams at a time had to race from the opposite end of the track for four laps - the winners being those who crossed their own line first! I am proud to say that the red team (which I was a member of) won going into the final against the remaining yellow team! The race was hard but we managed again to bring it home and win overall!

 The whole morning was a great success and everyone finished with a smile looking forward to next week. I’m sure the coaches Colin and Tom and the boys from Stanley Road Media enjoyed it just as much as us. by Caroline Humphreys Year 9

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