Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Crowd Go Wild!

Following the success of a treasure hunt with Year 10 students, Miss Harwood is planning a similar activity with 7M1 which will involve students using their smart phones in Maths. 

William Thornton says ‘I think this is going to be a fun twist on learning and a way to take advantage of the future an current technology’. When the teacher Miss Harwood told us the news pupils leapt up in the air!

Adam Todd reporting for BBEC Media Team.

Star Pupil

William Thornton’s review brought a few surprises to his family and friends, as the 7H pupil not only got 10 blues, a 1.2 attitude to learning and recognition that he is working above 3 of his targets, he got a letter from Mr Morris himself saying how he has got the top learning attitude in the whole of year 7! 
Only a few people got these letters from the headteacher, and William says ‘I’m very proud!’
We the Media Team are proud to have such a star pupil onboard.

Congratulations, Will.

By Megan and Maddie: Media Team Reporters

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Very well done to Jess Dayha, Year 9, for creating an excellent topic on Zondle -based on spelling errors she has made across a range of subjects recently.  Try out the game and see how good you are.

Congratulations, Oliver, for a set of well thought out questions to test out what we know about writing the first paragraph of a newspaper report.