Saturday, 22 December 2012


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Stand Up Bingo!

One of the most anticipated moments of the show is the Stand Up Bingo event.  Once again the prize on offer was an ipad 2 and judging by the number of tickets sold by Mr Clitheroe and his helpers,  it was much sought after.

There was huge excitement in the air as hundreds of students stood up clutching their ticket(s) but in no time at all just 19 remained.  They were invited to line up at the front of the stage, were allocated a number and then waited with bated breath.

As tension mounted and fingers and toes were crossed, Miss Worden dug deep into the sack and pulled out  the number ... 7!

Year 7 pupil Eve beamed with delight.  She had bought just one ticket and won herself a fantastic early Christmas present.

We all hope she enjoys her new iPad 2!

Posted by  Alister Cross - Media Team.

Will shares his feelings about performing in the talent show

Gosh that was one of the best experiences of my life! I opened after the break and I was really nervous I can't imagine how the first act was feeling, they must have  been terrified. As I got onto the stage I got a massive cheer which made me feel a bit more confident. Fortunately I managed to forget the nerves and perform a great show. Flashbacks of my primary school performance where I had dropped it several times.

Will is a Talent Show Genius!

Juggling and rolling a set of Flower Sticks (3 sticks some 40 centimetres long)  to the sound of "in the jungle" Will in Year 8 had the audience hooked from the off.  To much laughter and huge admiration, Will performed amongst other tricks, a helicopter, tick tock and finished with a stunning high throw.

The act started with Will starting off slowly rolling the stick he was juggling with his other 2 sticks down, then up. When the music got quicker he got quicker moving on to the spin. Spinning the main stick frantically round in a circle he moved to the normal tossing the object. After all that he then rolled the main stick all the way up his lengthy arms then all the down his legs. With a final flick he kicks the main stick into the are then catches it with his hands. For the finale he tosses the Stick metres into into the air and catches. Through out the act Will didn't drop the stick - which was amazing.

You might wonder about Will's unusual talent.   Well, after performing with the Flower Sticks at his primary school talent show in Year 5, Will really got the bug and now keeps his hand in by practising perhaps once a month.

Next time, Will, we suggest you add some dramatic face paint to top off a terrific act!

Posted by Rob Dunkley- Media Team.


Santa Makes An Appearance

Towards the end of the show Santa made a surprise visit.   The crowd was excited! He brought the whole school sweets in his brown big sack. The pupils loved it, as he chucked them into the crowd. Unfortunately he had to leave quite soon, due to the big day around the corner!

-By Alister Cross-
Media Team.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Alistair wows the crowd

In front of over 1000 people, Alistair (year 8)  sang an absolutely tremendous rendition of Katy Perry's 'Firework'. With the crowd cheering and clapping along, Alistair stunned everyone with his amazing vocals. He owned the stage, hitting the high notes beautifully. He gained a huge reaction and it was well deserved. Well done Alistair.

Talent Show Act 7

One of the few male singers in the Broughton talent show had the crowd  singing along with him.
Oliver (year 10)  a star in last year's talent show, came back even better this year.

 Things started off slowly  but after at least 30 seconds,  the crowd were in the zone and enjoying the performance.

Halfway throughout his singing, the crowd thought he had finished, but no he carried on, the crowd showed that they loved this act, singing along and clapping throughout acknowledginging his performance with a loud roar.

-By    Tim Brooke    -
Media Team

Inskip Primary Pupils

Pupils from inskip primary came to perform a dance. The crowd was mesmerised. These children are in years 3-6 and performed brilliantly. The routine  was originally devised for a performence at Blackpool Winter Gardens. The theme was "On the Wild Side" and it took about 12 weeks to create.

Posted by Olivia O'Brien: bbec media team

All of the Hosts at BBEC Talent Show 2012

Students from Year 11 scripted and hosted this year's talent show and did a splendid job. 

Abigail's Amazing Talent

Abigail, Britain's Got Talent auditioner, dazzled the audienece with her beautiful voice. Singing "Someone Like You" by Adele, the audienece was knocked silenct. During half the performance the crowd were brought in to the action waving their arms above themselves to the voice of Abigail. She was postivley glowing with confidence.
Abbie shoud be feeling proud of herself and her great talent.

-By Rajan Mistry-
Media Team

Laura sings "Green Eyes"

What a fantastic peformance! It's hard enough to sing in front of so many people, but to play guitar as well takes some courage!    It's obvious that Laura is a talented musician and she certainly wowed the festive audience with this performance.  I reckon Laura is in with a chance of winning

By Alistair Forsyth
Media Team

Chloe Haley and Ella Aldridge

Two year 8 pupils were 3rd to the stage, Ella 8H and Chloe 8N and they'd been anticipating this moment greatly!

The girls captured the audience's hearts as they sang their cover of Torn, originally sung by Natalie Imbruglia. They sang beautifully and the audience definitely agreed as you couldn't hear a pin drop! Their singing was very professional with Ella accompanying Chloe in a lovely harmony!

-By Louis 8B, Media Team

Talent show- Crazy Karaoke

Below we see quite a subdued audience just before the first of the Christmas Karaoke numbers got under way! Very soon arms were waving to the music. The presenters bounced around inviting members of the audience sing into the microphone. The noise was incredible! What a great way to waken up an audience.

Act 1- Athena

Athena must be one of the bravest competitors! This is not only her first year here but she was first on. After a massive cheer the crowd grew quiet in anticipation. With the lyrics behind her and the music starting you could have heard a pin drop. The song choice was rather symbolic being called "Skyfall" and people rumoring about the end of the world. After a breath taking performance Athena should feel proud Well Done!

-By William Thornton-
Media Team.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Delivering you the all-new Flying Memo

Since the launch of our official blog from Broughton, there has been little change in the design of The Flying Memo. Today that changes. The Flying Memo 3.0 is here.

3.0 you ask? Yes, there have been two generations of design here on The Flying Memo. The first was very simple and minimalist with traditional style fonts. We then moved to the previous design below:

Today, I am proud to show introduce the design for The Flying Memo 3.0:

Fresh, minimalistic and clear, this design is going back to our roots with the blog's first design.

There's an update to the mobile view of The Flying Memo too. We are delighted with the changes and are sure you will be too. Feedback welcome.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Come and Get Involved with Fulwood Tennis Club

Get Involved with Badminton

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Come and get involved outside of school

Get Involved at BBEC

Remember, there are more brilliant clubs to join at BBEC.

My Animoto Video About Media Club

This is finished piece. It's an animoto video advertising Media Club. Enjoy!

BBEC Awards Evening 2012

November saw the return of the annual awards evening here at Broughton Business and Enterprise College. To share with you the experience of the special night, we have created a short video slideshow below

Get Involved

Animoto is so easy to use. I think we should use it in lessons!

Get involved with Media Club

This is about media team using animoto

Get involved with media club

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.
  1. What I did is go on animoto
  2. chose a background (not a pro type)
  3. Then i added some text about what the project is about
  4. After that I added some images
  5. The I did some more text after that on what it is about
  6. then i put another picture on
  7. and then I did who it was by
  8. and then what I did after that is I save and publish my movie
  9. then I shared my video on flying memo

Get Involved In Film And Animation

This is a video publishing film and animation club which is on Tuesdays after school

By Rob Dunkley

Film and Animation Club

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Get Involved

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Get involved! Why Not!?

Louis Bowles,


Our wide range of activites at BBEC!

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Get Involved With The Media Team

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Get Involved at Broughton

Here at Broughton, there are nearly 50 clubs and extra-curricular activities to participate in. Pupils from year 7 all the way to year 11 get involved every week! From sports to the Green Team, there's something for everyone. The short video below indicates just some of the activities you yourself can get involved in as a pupil at Broughton!!

Get involved!

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Get Involved with Netball

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Copy of Get involved

Copy of Get involved

Get Involved in Girls' Football

Here is a video I made in media club which took about 10 minutes

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Week 1 At Media Club

Last week at media club, all the new members were having a fantastic time earning badges and learning some new skills! Here are just a few examples of the challenges and badges members of the team were trying to earn:
Melissa was working towards getting the flip camera badge as well as learning some IPad skills along the way. At the same time Matthew was experimenting with music using Audiotool  - Tom was also working towards a music badge. Harry was hoping to get the avatar badge for edmodo using Portrait Illustration Maker, this is just one of the many websites we use at Media Club. Harry B was completing the Voki Creator badge, this is where you use the website Voki to create your own talking character.On top of all that Louis was trying to earn all of the typing challenges on Sam was also busy on the Tagxedo badge.
There was lots of eager new members at media club last week and we hope to see just as many in the future, earning lots of new badges!
Report By Megan and Maddie.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


ICT2 was almost full for tonight's Media Club, with students from years 7 - 11 working on a variety of projects from blogging to music making and in my case creating a talking head using Voki.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Yr 7 parents information evening

Over 100 parents and guests attended a very entertaining evening, participating in a range of activities to explain what and how their children are learning

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Digging for victory!

Volunteers help to prepare the raised beds for the herbs at lads and dads club

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Freshers Fair Day 2

Today was the penultimate day for the BBEC Freshers Fair 2012 for Years 8 and 10. (Years 9 and 11 will be able to attend the fair tomorrow break and lunch)

Take a look at some of the photos from today and also the gallery of people who joined us at the Media Team Stall to get their face exclusively on "The Flying Memo".

Did you join a club today? We'd love to hear what you enjoyed at the freshers fair in the comments below this post.

New Recruits

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Today was the first of  3 consecutive days for pupils to "get involved" in some of what BBEC has to offer by way of extra curricular activities.  At lunchtime, the sports hall  was flooded - not with the rain that once again dominated the day - but with bright eyed Year 7 pupils who took  the chance to have a peak into some of the extra-curricular activities on offer here at Broughton. Clutching a little yellow card to record their interests upon, they looked, they tried, they questioned and then many signed up to activities such as Media Club, Basketball Club, Let's Get Cooking, The Green Team, Cheerleading and more besides. 

Have a small taste of what was going on and feel the vibe in the Sports Hall by looking though the pictures snapped today in the gallery below.


Did you visit the fair today? What is your favourite extra-curricular activity? Sports, Media, Jewellery Making? Please leave your opinions in the comments below this post.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

It's a knockout!

A school day filled with inflatables, water, foam, mud, competition and lots of fun!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Let the Celebrations Commence

The annual assembly to reward and celebrate our Year 7 students opened in  a dramatic fashion with a drum duet from Maddie and Liam. 

Lots of laughter greeted the PE Department's slide show highlighting the range of activities on offer to Broughton students , as we witnessed runners reaching for the finish line and adopting postures rarely seen in the classroom.

Rehearsal for Year 7 Parents

Before every performance there are the inevitable rehearsals and Friday's assembly for parents was no different.  Mr Clitheroe, Mrs Boardman and Miss Cross  spent much of the morning sorting out the running order and the sound system whilst pupils worked around a busy schedule, including the Annual Debating Competition, to squeeze in a quick rehearsal on the drums or flute.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

END OF TERM MUSIC:Choir & Swing Band Tour to Valkenburg

 The week before the end of Summer term, choirs and swing bands from Broughton and Archbishop Temple
School joined together for a trip to Valkenburg, Holland to perform at various venues around Valkenburg. During the trip students also enjoyed a trip to Phantasialand, a boat trip down the River
Meuse, karaoke and ten-pin bowling. The quality of music performed was excellent and all students enjoyed the experience very much.
Mr Grindrod

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Peach of a Tool

Just discovered Photopeach at Media Club tonight and it's great for quickly making quizzes and slide presentations such as this one I just made IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES! Plus its free! 

7S on PhotoPeach

Ms Cox asked us to have a play with this fabulous tool so that next academic year we can show teachers how to make a slideshow set to music in no time at all.  This will be one of the priorities for us digital leaders so that parents can enjoy even more celebrations of pupils' learning than we have managed to show here on The Flying Memo this academic year.

If you want to look again at the slideshows you saw in the Year 7 assembly for parents, please click on the Slideshows gallery tab above or click here.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Camelot Year 7

Megan Whitlock of 7S was charged with capturing the excitement of the Year 7 Merit Trip to Camelot using an ipod. Whilst the camera on this device is not the best available, we hope you agree the pictures capture the moment very nicely indeed.   Thank you, Megan.  Great job!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Year 9 News Challenge

Yet again the pace was fast, furious and frenetic! Groups worked well to produce some excellent results.
Well done to all involved.
Pupils will be able to look at all of the entries in English lessons next week and decide on their winner.....


The BCH side of year 9 are currently working hard on this year's news challenge.....! Photos to follow.


Local primary school students scouring their library shelves to complete the A-Z of authors' surnames in the quickest time.

Friday, 29 June 2012

A good time was had by all

Sponsored walk

Everyone had a great time on the walk. The weather was a lot better than last week when the walk was forced to be cancelled due to the amount of rain. It was five kilometres long and by the end everyone was really tired but glad to have done it.


Walking on your own

Having heard some year eights asking why someone was walking on his own. I thought I'd ask what you think about walking on your own. Peaceful or boring? Do friends walking with you distract you or do you enjoy the company?

Back in grounds

We're just getting back in to school grounds. Not long till we've finished and it's only two o'clock! What to do now?

Over the bridge

Heading back over the rail bridge just as a train runs under us. What a noise! Nearly back at school now!

The last groups

The last few groups are crossing the road and we're all on our way back to school. Not quite as fun as going through the fields but not everyone was ready for the mud.

Going back!?

We've reached the quarry and are ping round in a circle back on ourselves!

Railway bridge

We are now on the usual path for the sponsored walk. Still a long way to go by I have just met the first five people who are on their way back to school well done them!

At the all weather pitch

We're between the all weather pitch an a field. Soon we will be joining on to the normal route. At least the weather is nice!

Sponsored walk 2012

The majority of the school has set off for the walk after a change of route due to the weather. Let's hope the current sunshine doesn't turn to cloud and rain!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Guild Enterprise Fair

From Monday 2nd July to Wednesday 4th July around 10 pupils are going to the Guild Arcade in Preston to do a special enterprise fair. Every day there will be 2 shifts. On Monday there will be one from 10 am -2pm and another from  5:30pm-9pm.

Learning To Blog Using The IPods

This is a picture of a digital leader learning how to blog using the school iPod! We used the blogger app on the iPod to post on the Flying Memo!  It was quite easy.
By Maddie

Ms Cox Champion Blogger

Here is Ms Cox patiently teaching Miss Allen and Mrs Evans about blogging!!  The idea was that both us teachers would download the Blogger app to our iphones and be away.  Technology in school doesn't work like that, however.  Mrs Evans couldn't access the app store since her phone is not set up to access the school wifi, whilst I didn't know the password for my apple id! Fortunately, Ms Cox had 2 school ipod touches already set up and so the day was saved.  With less than 5 taps and just a few words both of us had created our first post.  (We stopped moaning and started concentrating when Ms Cox told us how fantastic the Year 5s had been this morning.)  

Watch this space for pictures on Newspaper Day direct from Mrs Evans iphone.

Miss Allen.

Looks like Ottoline and the Yellow Cat Is A Purrfect Tale

Ms Cox and Mrs Harwood had a super time with Year 5 pupils at a local primary school.  The pupils took to blogging using ipod touches and the blogger app like the proverbial ducks to water.    They were huge fans of the free app Mad Lips, but the school filters prevented us from uploading the video.  

Reading Maggot Pie

A Gaggle of Girls Having Fun

Why are they reading the same book?