Monday, 12 December 2011

Year 7 Family Social

The Year 7 Family Social Evening 2011 was a great event and was attended by many families  Activities included a quiz, buffet and a hunt for the children (though many adults tried to sneak along!) It was great fun. Forms 7B, 7C, 7H, 7N, 7R and last but not least 7S all competed and it was a very close call; with 7R and 7S tying throughout the activities. Finally 7S lost it in the last game, losing by just 2 points to 7R! One parent (Mrs Kitchen) said ‘I’m having a great time and have bonded well with other parents!’ Another pupil from 7S said ‘It’s been fun though the quiz was difficult in my opinion.’ Overall the night was a great success!
1st) 7R – 167
2nd) 7S - 165
3rd) 7B – 159
4th) 7C – 158
5th) 7H – 153
6th) 7N – 141

Report by Megan Whitlock, edited by Maddie Cowgill Smith.  (Media Team)

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  1. Hooray last place!!!!! Go 7n!!!Chloe Haley 7n


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