Friday, 16 December 2011


One of the most popular segments of today's Talent Show and seasonal celebrations was the "STAND UP BINGO"  Many students had dug deep in their pockets to buy a ticket - or ten in the hope of winning the prize of a splendid £400.00 iPad 2.

There was much tension in the air at the half way point with number 18 proving an unlucky number for many.  100 people were quickly whittled down to just 50 as numbers ... 33...77...75... and...31 were pulled out of the bag.

With just 30 contestants left in with a chance, Mr Clitheroe cranked up the tension and then when just 17 students were still standing we were down to the final round.

All the remaining contestants headed out to the front of the stage, were allocated the numbers 1-17,  and waited nervously for the winning number to be drawn.

When number 1was pulled from the bag  THE WINNER ...  JAKE  could barely contain his excitement.  What a great Christmas he is going to have!


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