Sunday, 4 December 2011

# QUADBLOGGING 8: Strike Day

On Wednesday the 30th November many schools across the UK were closed due to teachers and other workers going on a national strike. BBEC was one of those schools as many staff were on strike.  Those who weren’t had to go into school like normal but of course there were no students for them to teach! 

So what did people do on Wednesday?

 Well many of the pupils went into town or to the cinema whilst some stayed at home and did their homework and chilled.   
The teachers who were on strike could stay at home but not all of them did! Mrs Evans was on strike and went to Lancaster with her friends who were also on strike and joined up with more than 2,000 people who then walked through the streets of Lancaster chanting and waving their banners. She said it was a great experience and one that she will never forget. She thought it was very exciting to hear and see many pedestrians chapping as the demonstrators passed by.   Miss Harwood did stay at home and spent much of the day catching up with her ICT and Maths marking.  Mrs Harwood our Librarian had a nice lie in, went out for lunch and then spent the rest of the day on Zondle making quizzes for her pupils. 

Whilst Mrs Evans and her friends were rallying in Lancaster, and the Harwood family were busy doing schoolwork,  some of the teachers at BBEC who weren’t on strike were at school marking books and getting lessons planned. Mrs Sims came into school as usual at 8:00am and didn’t leave till 4pm. Whilst she was at school she said that she finally got up to date with the “Let’s Get Cooking” club which you can read about here:

By James Vickers (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)

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