Friday, 16 December 2011


Don't ask me why but each year at the Talent Show we have a staff v pupil competition to see who the best shots are with a netball.

Grace Sim Year 7 took the first shot for the pupils but unfortunately missed (the net is very high!)
Next up was Mrs Boardman who sadly had to try her luck handicapped by a blindfold.  Guess what?  She missed!

Next up was Katie Cooper in year 8 who also missed.

Ok would any one get a point?  Megan from Year 9 tried her luck and was first to score but would this be the last point of the competition?  No, a year 10 student netted the ball to take the students into the lead 2-0.  Mr Marquis tried to rescue a point for the staff but shot over the net - to much applause from the audience.  Hard luck teachers.  Better luck next year!

Matthew Jenkinson -BBEC Media Team

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