Friday, 2 December 2011


The Enterprise Fair was a great succes! I took part myself, running a stall with my two friends Emily Stewart and Charley Douglas-Knowles. We sold jewelry of many different types, hair accesaries; clips and bobbles, necklaces, scoobies, bracelets,scoobie-pens and lots, lots more.
The Enterprise Fair was  really well planed and organised. I know all the teachers especialy Mrs.Donleavy and Mrs.Wilson! Everyone had a really good time.
Some of the stalls people had were:  Biscuits, Bracelets, Little Gifts,Cards, Calenders and lots lots more.
Here is an INTERVIEW  with one of the visitors.
Ammarah: How well do you think the enterprise fair ran?
Hana: I think it ran very well and very smoothly!
Ammarah: What did you enjoy most?
Hana: I enjoyed the sweet stalls, throwing the ball in the wall stall and the jewelry stall and the chocolate fountain!
Ammarah: Did you take part in the enterprise fair in anyway?
Hana: Yes, well I helped a few of my friends to sell some jewelry at lunch and also I bought lots from different stalls.
Ammarah: So  overall how do you think it went?
Hana: I think it went very very well. 
Report and Interview by Ammarah Taylor (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)


  1. M.W 7K1- i bought one of ammarahs bracelets there stall was really good unfortunately i was unable to have a stall but it was great going round to all the differant stalls!!!

  2. I think the enterprise fair was a great way for students to learn about having their own buissnes and making money

    Ben Martland 7S

  3. wow! thats a good first report Amarah, I like how you interviewed your friend about it. well done and I can't wait to see your other reports!

    Frankie Round 7N

  4. I thought the enterprise fair was great too! I loved all the stalls, yet i thought there could have been some more
    Kelsey Raynor 7K1 7N

  5. I couldn't agree more. I took part in the Enterprise Fair and our stall sold out! A good report, Ammarah.
    Megan Whitlock 7K1

  6. Amy Whiteside (7K1)
    I enjoyed the enterprise fair too i bought something from almost every stall. It ran smoothly and I think a lot of money was made during this event.

  7. I think the enterprise fair was really good and I bought lots from different stalls. I really wanted a stall but unfortunately I didn't have chance to sort it out. All of the stalls were really good too! Like Kelsey I think it could improve by having more stalls. The jewellery stalls were probably my favourite because I buy jewellery a lot!

    Maddie Cowgill Smith 7K1

  8. Chloe Haley 7k1 - I loved the enterprise fair because its something other schools don't do and there was lots of different things to buy and do!!

  9. Adam Todd 7K1 - I think it's a good idea... if you have the right idea. HINT : Try and do food because people want food so you earn more money but the tax doesn't matter you are still earning money. I sold calendars & diaries and made a massive loss of money. If you can guess how much I lost then comment it here (to the nearest penny). HINT - Over £30 loss.

  10. Hashim Akhtar I think you guys did well hope you raise more next year a lot of people made a lot of money

  11. Adam Oldfield (7K1)
    I thought the enterprize fair had fun activities to do also to buy things I bought things for friends and family. I thought they had had a good variety of things going on from hairspraying to playing on a PS3.

  12. It was also my first Enterprise though you ran a stall did you buy any other merchandise from other stalls???
    Brendan Loughran 7N

  13. (Oliver Barker 7K1)

    The enterprise fair was a utter success! Although I didn't take part, I sure brought alot! I bought a car with a torch, and won a arms length toblerone in the tombola! It was an amazing day for me, and the whole of BBEC! Well done!

  14. Adam, you're fired! Only joking. Going into business is a steep learning curve and now you have sussed what sells and what doesn't I'm sure there will be no stopping you with your next enterprise.

  15. Eleanor Kirton 7k1 - I personally think the enterprise fair was a great success me and my friend lauren wilkinson ran a stall of our own it was called CCC&HBD we sold cards and little hama bead designs. It was really good fun

  16. Despite my 'little' loss at the enterprise fair, I still want to become an entrepreneur. I would like to create my inventions that I have created and sell them. My blog on inventions is available at

    Adam Todd 7K1

    Club Adam Enterprises


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