Friday, 2 December 2011


On the 1st of December, our annual Enterprise Fair took place and was an enjoyable and successful day for everyone at Broughton. As always, there was a variety of stalls ranging from cakes to cards; a try on the game consoles to doughnuts; hotdogs to hair dying and the excited atmosphere was second to none.
The students, involved put in a lot of time and effort to make this day a success. Many of the students were ecstatic at the busy crowds and number of sales- Pria Dobney (8B) said ‘I think today has gone really well, we’ve almost sold out’ and her two team mates Lucy Wade (8C) and Sarah Vali (8C) both agreed that they had really enjoyed themselves and would definitely do it again. Another team who were very happy with the success of their chocolate truffle, hot chocolate and cake stall, were Zak Longstaff (9C), Freddi Dewhurst (9B) and Marcus Ball (9H) who all said that they had no time to spare, to scoff, since they were always so busy!
It’s not just the students who put in the effort; the staffs at Broughton also were committed to making sure everybody enjoyed themselves. Mrs Donleavy, who was in charge of the fair declared ‘It is fantastic to see so many young entrepreneurs participating and enjoying their day’ whilst Mr Taylor said that the fair reminded him of the Christmas markets in Germany (but without the smell of German food in the air!).
Overall, the Enterprise Fair was, yet again, one of the highlights of our school year and encouraged team work and skill between the students at Broughton. A well deserved thank you to all the teachers who gave their time to help and organise this day, and not forgetting the hard working students themselves!

by Saskia Starrit (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)

The Enterprise Fair ran very smoothly and you could tell that everybody was enjoying it because of how full up the Sports Hall was. There was a lots of different stalls varying from sweet stalls and jewerly stalls to ball throwing stalls.
There were teachers walking around the Sports Hall checking on different stalls or simply buying for themselves. We raised lots of money for BBEC and for ourselves as well. I think it was all a very good lesson on Bussiness but very fun at the same time.
By Hana Masaarane (BBEC Media Team)

I had recorded this on my phone except because my phones dead at the moment I've copied out the whole report as a script like document:
Enterprise Fair Report By Megan Whitlock and Adam Todd
(Megan) Helloe, we're here at the Broughton Business and Enterprise College Enterprise Fair, where business is booming at just past 1.20pm.
(Adam) Hi, I'm Adam Todd and here we have Isabellas and Megans stall, Little Giftswhich sells Gift Bags and Bracelets.
(Megan) Now lets see what Izzy has to say...
Izzy, how do you feel your business is doing today?
(Izzy) Errr, it's actually been much better than I first assumed - a great success!
(Adam) Why did you eneter the Enterprise Fair or was it compulsry?
(Izzy) I netered it because it really helps and prepares you for the future if you want to set up a business of your own.
(Megan) Thankyou, Izzy. Now I share this stall with Isabella and am doing this as part of my business class. Also my mum has a stall on the Preston Market and I want to show her that I can have a stall too!
(Adam) I'm doing this because I wan tot try and put all my effort into it - I didn't have to do it because I'm doing drama not business - and I am enjoying working on my stall so far.! Thankyou for listening I'm Adam Todd-
(Megan) -and I'm Megan Whitlock coming to you from the BBEC Enterprise Fair!
By Megan Whitlock and Adam Todd (BBEC Media Team)


  1. Wow congrats on your enterprise stall's Megan, Adam and Izzy!!!
    Ellie ll

  2. so did you like it? how much money did you make?

    Matthew Brown


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