Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas is coming

To end the talent show last year's winner sang "She Is Rolling In The Deep" by Adele.   Her performance was fantastic but the real question was who has won this year?  Mr Clitheroe announced the winners who were congratulated by headteacher, Mr Morris.

 In third place were Olivia,
Second place was taken by
And the very popular winners for 2011 were Rebecca Standring and James Loughran.

Just before we headed off for an early lunch and the Christmas holidays, school said goodbye to Mrs Wilson - who began her teaching career at Broughton in 1979 (as Miss Caldecott).  Apparently she taught German and French back then, was a huge influence in setting up the exchange with Bondorff, was a whizz at completing the Times crossword,  went on to become the Careers teacher and Work experience co-ordinator at Broughton and played a big part in helling the school become a Business and Enterprise College.  School said a big thank you to her and presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Mrs Wilson had a few words to say to us.

 "Thank you for all the presents you have given me.  I want to ask you to BELIEVE.  Believe in Father Christmas;  believe that BBEC  is the best school in the world and believe in your self".

To round off a fantastic morning we watched a video of people wishing us "Merry Christmas"  and even saw the old head teacher Mr Davies .

Matthew Jenkinson -BBEC Media Team

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