Friday, 16 December 2011

Abi Kenyan Singing "Your Song"

WOW! What a great singer, watch this video and discover Abi's talent!
Find out  how Abi felt about her performance in this short interview.

Abigail Kenyan 7C

Someone has to go first but still it  was extremely brave of Abigail Kenyon to start the show with a solo! Abi gave us a fabulous opening number and set the standard for the competition. I'm not just saying that because she gave me a cake either!

Mr. Jenkins, ICT


  1. welldone me, and once again for every one who supported me thanku so so much!!!! xx
    Abigail Kenyon

  2. My beautiful niece abigail!! She has an amazing voice and i love her to bits.. I remember being at broughton and watching the talent show was the best thing out of the year. If she told me she was singing on Friday i would of come in. Love you sweetie SARAH MILLER X

    1. love you auntie sarah!

  3. well done abby hopefullly u will win next year xx


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