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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Following another hugely successful talent show a few thank yous are in order.  Firstly, we say a massive merci to Mr Clitheroe, the main man, who starts preparing for the event when there are still green leaves on the trees.  He has lots of helpers, both staff and pupils, and so we say muchas gracias to them, too.

This year, a group of students from Years 7 - 10 worked non - stop to capture the action as it happened.  They are BBEC's very own Media Team, who are going from strength to strength and proving to be a huge asset to the school.  A massive thanks goes to them for providing us with this superb record of the event.

Christmas is coming

To end the talent show last year's winner sang "She Is Rolling In The Deep" by Adele.   Her performance was fantastic but the real question was who has won this year?  Mr Clitheroe announced the winners who were congratulated by headteacher, Mr Morris.

 In third place were Olivia,
Second place was taken by
And the very popular winners for 2011 were Rebecca Standring and James Loughran.

Just before we headed off for an early lunch and the Christmas holidays, school said goodbye to Mrs Wilson - who began her teaching career at Broughton in 1979 (as Miss Caldecott).  Apparently she taught German and French back then, was a huge influence in setting up the exchange with Bondorff, was a whizz at completing the Times crossword,  went on to become the Careers teacher and Work experience co-ordinator at Broughton and played a big part in helling the school become a Business and Enterprise College.  School said a big thank you to her and presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Mrs Wilson had a few words to say to us.

 "Thank you for all the presents you have given me.  I want to ask you to BELIEVE.  Believe in Father Christmas;  believe that BBEC  is the best school in the world and believe in your self".

To round off a fantastic morning we watched a video of people wishing us "Merry Christmas"  and even saw the old head teacher Mr Davies .

Matthew Jenkinson -BBEC Media Team

Santa Surprise

Santa has just entered the building! I repeat Santa has just entered the building - and screams are filling the hall! Being Santa he has brought plenty of sweets and is happily throwing them into the crowd! Let's hope you've all been good and he brings you more than sweets on the 25th.


One of the most popular segments of today's Talent Show and seasonal celebrations was the "STAND UP BINGO"  Many students had dug deep in their pockets to buy a ticket - or ten in the hope of winning the prize of a splendid £400.00 iPad 2.

There was much tension in the air at the half way point with number 18 proving an unlucky number for many.  100 people were quickly whittled down to just 50 as numbers ... 33...77...75... and...31 were pulled out of the bag.

With just 30 contestants left in with a chance, Mr Clitheroe cranked up the tension and then when just 17 students were still standing we were down to the final round.

All the remaining contestants headed out to the front of the stage, were allocated the numbers 1-17,  and waited nervously for the winning number to be drawn.

When number 1was pulled from the bag  THE WINNER ...  JAKE  could barely contain his excitement.  What a great Christmas he is going to have!


A Happy Christmas Singalong

Following our final act every one joined in a Christmas singalong to "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer". I love how the whole school has got together on our last day and think the sing along is a great way to end the term. I hope we do that again sometime.

Matthew Jenkinson -BBEC Media Team

Act - 14 Joe and Ben - Lego House

Leaving the audience speechless was Act 14 ( Joe and Ben ) Ben was amazing at playing the guitar! Very talented indeed! He didn't  even need a backing track! As for Joe , what an excellent singer!!!

Act 15

Wow! This sure was the best act to finish off the competition! The crowd were left speechless and hypnotised by Olivia, Olivia & Eliza. Jar of Hearts is a favourite for many people.

Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Act 13

What a wonderful performance we just heard from Rebecca Lund singing 'Mama Do' By Pixie Lott. Her voice filled the hall and captivated the audience so in the end everyone was on their feet clapping! A fabulous jazzy performance!

Act 10

James & Becky's performance of "Turning Tables" by Adele almost certainly knocked out the crowd! Their piano and singing skills amazed everyone. If only they weren't in year 11 and they could perform it again next year.

Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Act 12 - Freddie On the Drums!

Act 12 ( making ALL of the audience jump out of their seats ) was the very talented Freddie playing a marvellous drum solo, without a backing track! As a very unique and different act Freddie has a very good chance of winning . Just one though. It must be very tiring to move your hands that fast!!


Don't ask me why but each year at the Talent Show we have a staff v pupil competition to see who the best shots are with a netball.

Grace Sim Year 7 took the first shot for the pupils but unfortunately missed (the net is very high!)
Next up was Mrs Boardman who sadly had to try her luck handicapped by a blindfold.  Guess what?  She missed!

Next up was Katie Cooper in year 8 who also missed.

Ok would any one get a point?  Megan from Year 9 tried her luck and was first to score but would this be the last point of the competition?  No, a year 10 student netted the ball to take the students into the lead 2-0.  Mr Marquis tried to rescue a point for the staff but shot over the net - to much applause from the audience.  Hard luck teachers.  Better luck next year!

Matthew Jenkinson -BBEC Media Team

Act 11- Use Somebody

We have just finished listening to the lovely performance of 'Use Somebody' by Lauran Abbot (Year 8). The audience were absolutely awed by her beautiful voice. After the big build up everyone cheered and tears were brought to their eyes at the fantastic preformance. Well done!

What a Double Act!

James Loughran's skillful piano playing provided a beautiful backdrop to Rebecca Standring's soulful voice.  Here was exceptional talent before our very eyes - and was especially impressive given the pair are still only Year 10 students. This was a fantastic and confident performance so naturally was very well received by the audience.  It could well be the winning act.

Miss Klunder, History

Act 9 - Under the Weather

Isabella sure had some guts to get up on the stage and give the performence of her life. In an interview after the performence Isabella said she was quite scared going up on stage but despite this she might  do the talent show again next year. She chose the song (Under the Weather)  because it's one of her favourites and she thinks it is fun to sing.

Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team


A brilliant group of dancers from Miss Monks dance group have just given us all a piece of excitement performing their latest dance in between the acts. They even got Mrs Abberley dancing!!! Well done guys!

The Weather

Outside it is snowing and everyone is so jolly. Well I think its going to be a white Christmas after all.

Matthew Jenkinson - BBEC Media Team
Edited by Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Reflections From Miss Backhouse

What a colourful array of movement that was - taking many staff back to those wonderful 80's days.  Footloose made me feel like getting up there and joining in.  That was superb talent - the best of the show yet, IMO!

Act 7 and Act 8

Oliver Dunkley (Year 9) sang in a wonderful deep voice that filled the hall Olly Murs 'Please Don't Let Me Go.' He got the audience singing along and clapping and cheering with his confident singing.
Next Laura Oldfield and Kirsty Brocklehurst sang 'Chasing Cars' in a brilliant duet with Laura's sweet high voice and Kirsty's relaxing deep voice filling the hall with a wonderful feeling!

Act 8

Kirsty Brocklehurst & Laura Oldfield performed Chasing Cars. I swear some people were crying -it was that good. The crowd started clapping to the music and swaying from side to side. After the song the crowd went wild! 10 out of 10!

Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Count On Habeeba

Singing Count On Me,  Habeeba Shaikh wowed the crowd whose applause rang all around  the sports hall.  Oliver Garmston7H declared her  "amazing" and rated the performance  8/10.  " I would love to hear it again," he concluded.

Next on stage were Angelina and Krishna dancing.  No sooner had they started than the crowd went wild.  Their dancing totally changed the mood in the room.   Jake Dean of 7H said ''They are outstanding. They moved so gracefully. I  give that performance 10/10."

Act 6

Year 10's Caty Marsden performed a piano recital of Adele's "set Fire to The rain".  A talented pianist, Caty played beautifully without reading music from a book.  The gentle rendition of the well-known song charmed the audience. 
BY Mrs Duggan, English.

Shakin' Stevens - Karaoke!

The whole school were singing along to this song. This really got the school into the Christmas spirit. People were laughing, singing and just having fun. I don't think there was one person in the school that wasn't singing. Even the teachers were singing and dancing (they can't hide from the media team!). Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Chloe Connor Singing E.T. by Katy Perry

Chloe Connor just sang E.T. by Katy Perry! Go on, have a listen.


Angelina Mistry and Krishna Patel were the first non-singing act to entertain the throng.  Their colourful, traditional attire, energy, syncronised moves and exuberance captivated us all.  We can only admire their skill - most of us can boogie but not with Angleina's and Krishna's grace and style.
BY Ms Cocker, English.

Act 6

Katie Marsden (year 10) has just finnished playing Adele-'Set Fire to The Rain' and has obviously a great talent. She played beautifully on the piano set up on the side of the stage, with a video on the big screen of people playing the piano. Well done Katie!

BBEC Talent Show - The Inskip Primary School Akido Group

The first performance of the traditional BBEC talent show saw Inskip Primary school Aikido Group strut their stuff.  Even though they weren't  being judged for the competition they still gave us an amazing performance and this sure was the right performance to open with. The team demonstrated their skills with pretty much perfection. First they showed us the moves. The aikido group then went into duels with each other. I take my hat off to them!
 Adam Todd - BBEC Media Team

Act 2 and 3

Wow! That was amazing; Chloe Connor sang ET by Katie Perry, and every one clapped and stomped their feet in time to the music throughout. This year 8 intake has definitely got talent!
 Moments later, Lauran Martin  performed  Forget You (GLEE) and although she was very nervous it went very well with her wonderful voice.

Abi Kenyan Singing "Your Song"

WOW! What a great singer, watch this video and discover Abi's talent!
Find out  how Abi felt about her performance in this short interview.

Abigail Kenyan 7C

Someone has to go first but still it  was extremely brave of Abigail Kenyon to start the show with a solo! Abi gave us a fabulous opening number and set the standard for the competition. I'm not just saying that because she gave me a cake either!

Mr. Jenkins, ICT

Kung Fu Dancing!

Check out these cool kids from Inskip performing martial arts to "Eye of the Tiger!"

End of Term Fun and Frolics

Wow!  Abi Kenyon's "Your Song" has just silenced an excited BBEC end of term audience, keen to enjoy the talents of many of our students.  The Talent Show has become a much anticipated event and this year's line up looks set to deliver the goods.

The Atmosphere's Building up at the BBEC Winter Talent Show 2011

The Winter Talent Show has just started at BBEC; here is a video showing the audience with their festive hats and outfits!
What did you think of the Talent Show? Please comment.

Henry Cookson 10N

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Now that Animoto has apparently discontinued its free service for schools, we need an alternative free online applications for creating interesting slideshows.  What do you think of Photosnack ?  There is no facility for adding a soundtrack but the templates are rather attractive.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Year 7 Family Social

The Year 7 Family Social Evening 2011 was a great event and was attended by many families  Activities included a quiz, buffet and a hunt for the children (though many adults tried to sneak along!) It was great fun. Forms 7B, 7C, 7H, 7N, 7R and last but not least 7S all competed and it was a very close call; with 7R and 7S tying throughout the activities. Finally 7S lost it in the last game, losing by just 2 points to 7R! One parent (Mrs Kitchen) said ‘I’m having a great time and have bonded well with other parents!’ Another pupil from 7S said ‘It’s been fun though the quiz was difficult in my opinion.’ Overall the night was a great success!
1st) 7R – 167
2nd) 7S - 165
3rd) 7B – 159
4th) 7C – 158
5th) 7H – 153
6th) 7N – 141

Report by Megan Whitlock, edited by Maddie Cowgill Smith.  (Media Team)

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Zondle is great for revising because you can share the topics you create with friends.

Try this short quiz created by Madeline in Year 7 on the "Battle Of Hastings"  I wonder if she has left out any important questions.

# QUADBLOGGING 8: Strike Day

On Wednesday the 30th November many schools across the UK were closed due to teachers and other workers going on a national strike. BBEC was one of those schools as many staff were on strike.  Those who weren’t had to go into school like normal but of course there were no students for them to teach! 

So what did people do on Wednesday?

 Well many of the pupils went into town or to the cinema whilst some stayed at home and did their homework and chilled.   
The teachers who were on strike could stay at home but not all of them did! Mrs Evans was on strike and went to Lancaster with her friends who were also on strike and joined up with more than 2,000 people who then walked through the streets of Lancaster chanting and waving their banners. She said it was a great experience and one that she will never forget. She thought it was very exciting to hear and see many pedestrians chapping as the demonstrators passed by.   Miss Harwood did stay at home and spent much of the day catching up with her ICT and Maths marking.  Mrs Harwood our Librarian had a nice lie in, went out for lunch and then spent the rest of the day on Zondle making quizzes for her pupils. 

Whilst Mrs Evans and her friends were rallying in Lancaster, and the Harwood family were busy doing schoolwork,  some of the teachers at BBEC who weren’t on strike were at school marking books and getting lessons planned. Mrs Sims came into school as usual at 8:00am and didn’t leave till 4pm. Whilst she was at school she said that she finally got up to date with the “Let’s Get Cooking” club which you can read about here:

By James Vickers (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)

Friday, 2 December 2011


The Enterprise Fair was a great succes! I took part myself, running a stall with my two friends Emily Stewart and Charley Douglas-Knowles. We sold jewelry of many different types, hair accesaries; clips and bobbles, necklaces, scoobies, bracelets,scoobie-pens and lots, lots more.
The Enterprise Fair was  really well planed and organised. I know all the teachers especialy Mrs.Donleavy and Mrs.Wilson! Everyone had a really good time.
Some of the stalls people had were:  Biscuits, Bracelets, Little Gifts,Cards, Calenders and lots lots more.
Here is an INTERVIEW  with one of the visitors.
Ammarah: How well do you think the enterprise fair ran?
Hana: I think it ran very well and very smoothly!
Ammarah: What did you enjoy most?
Hana: I enjoyed the sweet stalls, throwing the ball in the wall stall and the jewelry stall and the chocolate fountain!
Ammarah: Did you take part in the enterprise fair in anyway?
Hana: Yes, well I helped a few of my friends to sell some jewelry at lunch and also I bought lots from different stalls.
Ammarah: So  overall how do you think it went?
Hana: I think it went very very well. 
Report and Interview by Ammarah Taylor (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)


On the 1st of December, our annual Enterprise Fair took place and was an enjoyable and successful day for everyone at Broughton. As always, there was a variety of stalls ranging from cakes to cards; a try on the game consoles to doughnuts; hotdogs to hair dying and the excited atmosphere was second to none.
The students, involved put in a lot of time and effort to make this day a success. Many of the students were ecstatic at the busy crowds and number of sales- Pria Dobney (8B) said ‘I think today has gone really well, we’ve almost sold out’ and her two team mates Lucy Wade (8C) and Sarah Vali (8C) both agreed that they had really enjoyed themselves and would definitely do it again. Another team who were very happy with the success of their chocolate truffle, hot chocolate and cake stall, were Zak Longstaff (9C), Freddi Dewhurst (9B) and Marcus Ball (9H) who all said that they had no time to spare, to scoff, since they were always so busy!
It’s not just the students who put in the effort; the staffs at Broughton also were committed to making sure everybody enjoyed themselves. Mrs Donleavy, who was in charge of the fair declared ‘It is fantastic to see so many young entrepreneurs participating and enjoying their day’ whilst Mr Taylor said that the fair reminded him of the Christmas markets in Germany (but without the smell of German food in the air!).
Overall, the Enterprise Fair was, yet again, one of the highlights of our school year and encouraged team work and skill between the students at Broughton. A well deserved thank you to all the teachers who gave their time to help and organise this day, and not forgetting the hard working students themselves!

by Saskia Starrit (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)

The Enterprise Fair ran very smoothly and you could tell that everybody was enjoying it because of how full up the Sports Hall was. There was a lots of different stalls varying from sweet stalls and jewerly stalls to ball throwing stalls.
There were teachers walking around the Sports Hall checking on different stalls or simply buying for themselves. We raised lots of money for BBEC and for ourselves as well. I think it was all a very good lesson on Bussiness but very fun at the same time.
By Hana Masaarane (BBEC Media Team)

I had recorded this on my phone except because my phones dead at the moment I've copied out the whole report as a script like document:
Enterprise Fair Report By Megan Whitlock and Adam Todd
(Megan) Helloe, we're here at the Broughton Business and Enterprise College Enterprise Fair, where business is booming at just past 1.20pm.
(Adam) Hi, I'm Adam Todd and here we have Isabellas and Megans stall, Little Giftswhich sells Gift Bags and Bracelets.
(Megan) Now lets see what Izzy has to say...
Izzy, how do you feel your business is doing today?
(Izzy) Errr, it's actually been much better than I first assumed - a great success!
(Adam) Why did you eneter the Enterprise Fair or was it compulsry?
(Izzy) I netered it because it really helps and prepares you for the future if you want to set up a business of your own.
(Megan) Thankyou, Izzy. Now I share this stall with Isabella and am doing this as part of my business class. Also my mum has a stall on the Preston Market and I want to show her that I can have a stall too!
(Adam) I'm doing this because I wan tot try and put all my effort into it - I didn't have to do it because I'm doing drama not business - and I am enjoying working on my stall so far.! Thankyou for listening I'm Adam Todd-
(Megan) -and I'm Megan Whitlock coming to you from the BBEC Enterprise Fair!
By Megan Whitlock and Adam Todd (BBEC Media Team)

BBEC Zondle Day Interview

Have a listen to our interview with the Zondle creators. We have embedded the state-of-the-art HTML5 player above so you can listen on your PC, phone and tablet! Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Please note, if the player doesn't work in your web browser, you may need to update to a newer browser. BBEC Media Team recommends Google Chrome

By Henry Cookson and James Vickers (BBEC MEDIA TEAM)