Thursday, 3 November 2011

The wonder of smartphones

Smart phones are amazing they can text, email, phone & use the internet. Now I don't want to sound 40 years older than I am but seriously they are wonderful. I use mine mainly for texting and e-mailing but mainly texting. But they can bring bad habits like 'u' or 'y' instead of 'you' or 'why' which I can't help but using in English or Humanities sometimes. But otherwise smart phones are excellent for example amazing Android or IOS (iPhone/Pod/Pad) apps like 'Barcode Scanner' or 'Angry Birds' or even simply a news app. I think smart phones are amazingly wonderful and easy to use but What do you think, 'Are they a pest?' or 'Are they amazing?'.

Adam Todd - 7R

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab

^ ^ ^ See how amazing they are they even have an e-mail footer to show off. :-)


  1. The most amazing thing to me is that you e mailed this post from your computer was needed!

  2. Amy Whiteside Says.............. Well done I think they are amazing I want a IPhone 4S for christmas obviously not going to happen. However you are right I fell like typing "U" instead of you.


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