Tuesday, 8 November 2011


BBEC's Media Team have been looking forward to participating in the Apple Field Trip Workshop, for weeks, so there was much anticipation when the school mini bus left Broughton at the start of school on Tuesday and battled through rush hour traffic to the Trafford Centre.

We arrived just as the store was opening and gathered outside waiting for the nod from staff.  In days gone by children gazed into sweet shop windows with longing in their eyes.  This longing was in evidence today as our students gazed in awe at  the pristine shop floor and gleaming array of products.  It would seem the modern day sweet is Apple flavoured!

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Apple's Gaz, Matt and Chloe, for their help and enthusiasm during the workshop.  Our productions made with i-movie or Garageband can be accessed below.

Here is Megan and Ammarah's creation, produced in about 45 minutes.

Oliver worked like a professional on this slideshow.

Katie, Lauren and Madeline collaborated on a super presentation.

James was rather pleased with his production.  What do you think?


  1. Apart from looking at the products did you get the opportunity to have a go with any of them, if so what would you recommend to a buyer?

    Ellie Lloyd

  2. I really enjoyed this day out - a big thanks on behalf on all of the media team I'm sure for taking us, I wonder if anybody else has used I-movie or Garage-Band before?
    Megan Whitlock

  3. What did you do in the workshop at the apple stroe using I-movie and Garageband?

    Lewis Gillespie

  4. Thats my Sister.

    Adam Oldfield

  5. I was very fortunate to be chosen to participate in the school trip. The activities i participated in were making a movie on Imovie. The staff were extremely helpful and kind! Thank you, Ammarah 7K1.

  6. The trip to apple was amazing. The staff were very friendly and helpful. BUT the best part was the Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the selfridges store that you could see on the One Show before the BBC Children in Need show 2011. I would reccomend Red berry Gloss doughnuts.

  7. The trip to the Apple store in Manchester was a once-in a lifetime opportunity! Not only was I extremely pleased with owning a yellow apple t-shirt but we also had a great day. For those wondering in the comments, we had a section of the store to ourselves. We then choose to make a movie about the month of October at BBEC using iMovie or make a musical item on GarageBand. I choose to make a movie as I prefer movie making to music making! In response to Ellie Lloyd's comment, we had a wide range of macs in the area. The majority were iMacs but there were Mac Pros connected to Thunderbolt Displays and also MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. All products were well made, fun to use and extremely intuitive. A great day out with more experience gained!

  8. I'd also like to know where on earth is the video I created?

  9. Sorry, Henry. Will upload your creation and the music items ASAP!


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