Sunday, 30 October 2011

#Quadblogging 4 Pocket Money

We thought it might be interesting to raise the subject of spending (or pocket) money with our visitors.

Lucas writes ... Personally I don't get pocket money, I choose not to and prefer it. Instead of getting pocket money, every so often I get items of clothing or things that I have been wanting. I think that it works out better this way, as I get the things that I would have spent my pocket money on. For bigger of more expensive items I wait a little longer, as if I were saving up. I am allowed to choose to either have, smaller and less expensive things quite frequent or larger and expensive things less often.

Hanya tells us... I get £20  pocket money every month for doing certain jobs around the house . One of these jobs are cleaning the table whenever we all eat together .I usually bank this money so when I want to go shopping into town with my friends I don't need to ask my mum or dad for it . It makes me feel like I can go out and do the things I want to do without feeling like I owe anyone any money. Do you get pocket money , if so what do you do with it ?  


  1. Hanya, how many jobs do you do around the house, as I wouldnt get £20 from doing one job?


  2. Hanya - You like to keep your money and save it up but do you always save it up?
    Personally i think that it's best to get pocket money like Lucas does; Get the money when youre going out with friends or there's something that you want. Do you think ,Hanya, that your way is better of getting pocket money, or is Lucas' way better? 09raveni

  3. hi Hanya. I have to clean the table and clear the table too. As well i bank my money to so if im out i can use it to. In addition it is a like to save my money as well.

    Lewis Gillespie

  4. Hanya- What other jobs do you do around the house and do you have a routine as for when you do them?

  5. Lucas- When you go to town with your friends if you have no money, where do you get it from?

  6. I personally prefer and have the same pocket money situation as Lucas, but wonder like everyone else, Hanya, what jobs do you do?
    Megan Whitlock

  7. I am a mix between Hanya and Lucas as I get money for doing jobs but I don't get the same amount every week. I wonder if anyone else is the same? - Maddie

  8. HANYA: You are so lucky Hanya! I would never get £20 a month and i always do plenty of jobs around the house. I do get £10 a month though but it isnt as much as £20.
    LUCAS: I think getting pocket money is better than going shopping now and then. I feel with pocket money you can be more independant and buy anything you want. But that is all my opinion! By Ammarah

  9. hi,i was just wondering is it not annoying that you dont get money every week? cause i do and i find it much easyer+ id recommend you talk your parents into doing that.

  10. When I was in primary school in Australia, I was given 2/- (20c or 10p) a week. It doesn't seem like much but it is like being given $5 or £2.50 in today's money so it wasn’t too bad.

    I know of some families where children are given a large allowance but they must use this to pay for their lunches, pay for entertainment and buy clothes they need. My neighbour's children are 8 and 11. The 8 year old is given $1 and the 11 year old, $2.

    This is a fascinating topic. I think you’ll end up having many interesting comments.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  11. 11cooperj says ...
    I dont get poket money but when its my birthday i get money then instead but i also do because my grandparents give me three pound a week.

  12. I like to save my pocket money and then by better things.

    Ben Martland 7S

  13. Hello, Lucas here replying to some of the questions asked about my pocket money situation. Firstly, if I do want to go out with friends I decide to miss the item/items that I would have got and get given money for the specific activity. Secondly, one of the jobs that I occasionally have to do is hoovering around the house. Hope this has given you a bit more of an understanding.


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