Thursday, 20 October 2011


There was a new twist to Media Club this week.  Five new students arrived - keen to learn how to make fun games to help their pupils improve their English skills. Miss Allen, Ms Cocker, Mrs Briault, Mrs Duggan and Mrs Evans  found themselves back in the classroom, ready and willing to develop their ICT skills, but needing just a little bit of 1-1 tuition.  

On hand to teach them all about Zondle (a great online resource  for fun homeworks) were four members of our media team: Henry, James, Megan and Adam.  

We look forward to finding out from our Digital Leaders how it felt to teach the teachers.

Watch this space. 


  1. I was watching the "lesson" very carefully and noticed one or two challenging behaviours from the students. One particular student lost interest very quickly indeed and needed persuading to complete the task (like it or not!) Fortunately, she quickly made amends by creating five splendid questions about the art of diary writing.

  2. Thank you to our very patient 'teachers'. They handled their challenging learners with patience and kindness. I will be making sure that all 'learners' complete their homework ... or else!!

  3. Thanks to Henry for being so patient with me at the end of a long day when my concentration span was the equivalent to that of a flea. He was a brilliant teacher and I now feel very confident with using Zondle!

  4. It was great fun being in the teachers seat for once! They were all generally well behaved! I hope they're more confident using zondle now, as it's a great tool for teachers and students.

  5. Miss Allen , I was just having a quick read of the comments and i was following up your statement about you checking if the teachers have done their homework yet? Have they?

  6. It was very fun being a teacher for once, and the teachers were very well behaved!
    Megan Whitlock


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