Sunday, 30 October 2011

#Quadblogging 4 House Rules

We also thought it might be interesting to compare the kind of rules our parents and carers expect us to follow or the expectations they have of us.

Charlotte tells us... Around my house I  do many jobs which I don't have to do but I like to help my mum and dad out. Normally at the moment I have to go out to the wood shed and gather piles and piles of wood to put on the fire because at the moment my dad is on crutches because he had an operation on his foot.

Also I have to take  my two dogs Tess and Maisie a walk every day and take the recycling to the village hall where there are some special bins.This is quite close to my house but I dont like doing this job because it takes quite along time and it can get very cold and rainy.Although I love my dogs I dont like making their tea which is my last job I have to do. The main reason is because one of my dogs is quite old which means she has to take quite a lot of tablets which take along time to sort out and put in her tea because you have to disguise them so she doesn't know she is  eating them because she hates them!!

Hannah writes...At my home I have to participate in a number of household jobs. For starters I have to wash the dishes every night (this is the main job that I have to do in my house) with help from my older brother Alex. This job also means that we must clear the table and tidy the kitchen after we have washed up.
Another job we are asked to do is to keep our bedrooms tidy however my brother is not good at this and his room is usually a tip. My room on the other hand is tidy and just occasionally needs to be vacuumed.
Other jobs that we do is if my parents ask me to do  something, such as going to the shops or help tidy a room, then we must try to do this job.
We are rewarded by every month getting pocket money in to our bank accounts and as we get older the more we get witch I think is very fair.

Finally, what do you think of Katie's house rules?

At home the rules I follow are, that my room is clean and tidy at all times this, I do this by having to make sure I put all my washing away that my shoes are put back in the box and make sure nothing is left on the floor, also I must make sure that all glasses and cups and plates are removed from my room.
This leads me to another rule that I must put everything I use away after I have used them and turn the off electrical thing after use.
Finally I must make sure that when I go out my mum knows where abouts I am planning on going and who I will be with and I must always have my phone with me.

#Quadblogging 4 Pocket Money

We thought it might be interesting to raise the subject of spending (or pocket) money with our visitors.

Lucas writes ... Personally I don't get pocket money, I choose not to and prefer it. Instead of getting pocket money, every so often I get items of clothing or things that I have been wanting. I think that it works out better this way, as I get the things that I would have spent my pocket money on. For bigger of more expensive items I wait a little longer, as if I were saving up. I am allowed to choose to either have, smaller and less expensive things quite frequent or larger and expensive things less often.

Hanya tells us... I get £20  pocket money every month for doing certain jobs around the house . One of these jobs are cleaning the table whenever we all eat together .I usually bank this money so when I want to go shopping into town with my friends I don't need to ask my mum or dad for it . It makes me feel like I can go out and do the things I want to do without feeling like I owe anyone any money. Do you get pocket money , if so what do you do with it ?  

Friday, 21 October 2011

An Apple A Day...

Our final day of the half term was a rather juicy occasion, with lunchtime activities including  apple tasting; apple juice making;  and BBEC’s very own version of apple bobbing; not to mention apple peeling and apple carving competitions.
The event - to celebrate English apples in all their glory - offered opportunities to learn more about the school's forthcoming  ORCHARD AND  GOLD MEDAL DAY- a day of celebration to be held in the Summer of 2012.
An  INTER TUTOR GROUP APPLE QUIZ was made available during morning registration  with PRIZES  FOR THE BEST  TUTOR GROUP ENTRY IN EACH YEAR hotly contested.  

Thursday, 20 October 2011


There was a new twist to Media Club this week.  Five new students arrived - keen to learn how to make fun games to help their pupils improve their English skills. Miss Allen, Ms Cocker, Mrs Briault, Mrs Duggan and Mrs Evans  found themselves back in the classroom, ready and willing to develop their ICT skills, but needing just a little bit of 1-1 tuition.  

On hand to teach them all about Zondle (a great online resource  for fun homeworks) were four members of our media team: Henry, James, Megan and Adam.  

We look forward to finding out from our Digital Leaders how it felt to teach the teachers.

Watch this space. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today in media club i had a brilliant time experimenting on zondle!! Me and my friend Megan created a topic on art which included questions like how many art elements are there? This was great fun! I think zondle would be great for all teachers for all subjects!
By Ammarah Taylor!

Friday, 7 October 2011


We've been enjoying doing some homework revision tasks using Zondle and recently had the chance to win a Zondle t-shirt by entering a competition.  Here is our winner showing off his prize.

Monday, 3 October 2011


We have had a bit of trouble working out how to share Vokis so I can embed them on here for our quadblogging visitors. E-mail has worked for Cameron.



Fish Nosh.  I've made this a favourite Zondle game.  What are yours?