Monday, 19 September 2011


Although it’s not the biggest of places, Cottam is a green and pleasant place to live. Full of children-full of life. The village green is like a big green oval egg surrounded by a rock wall. The rectangular pond shimmers in the low winter sunshine and sometimes the water is so still it’s almost mirror like ,as I can see my own reflection. As ducks swim gracefully in the pond, children play happily on the lovely little playground around the corner from the canal. The canal is a quiet place were only the sounds of birds tweeting are heard. Next to the canal is a blue bench which has been placed there to admire the view, of water slowly running along rocks. After a hard day’s work the only thing to do is relax and to hear the birds singing and the laughs of children playing.

About 5 minutes journey from my house there is a lovely little pub on the side of the quiet picturesque canal with lots of old rusty canal boats, worn wooden barges and some brand new glistening white boats. If you stroll along the banks of the canal you will be able to take in all the sights of the flowers that are growing like a rainbow and the Fluorescent green lily pads sitting on the water top with the bright yellow sun gleaming down on them and the boats lazily slip on by. It is a great place to waste the day away with your family or walk your dog for an hour or two. All year round the canal is a beautiful, peaceful place to walk especially in winter when the water has a frozen crust of ice and snow. As you walk along the water’s edge the frozen ground crunches below your feet and ducks waddle along the ice looking like drunken skaters.

Beacon Fell is a local beauty spot, with stunning views from every angle, which is just a 10 minute drive from my house. When I am walking up Beacon Fell I never really realise how beautiful it is. Reaching the top I stand and stare at the view taking it all in; Green, brown and gold streams of light enter my sight of vision. The green, grassy hills look as if they’re silhouetting sleeping giants. The wet rain sometimes puts a downer on the delightful walk, but on a nice day the bright face smiling down on you really sets of the pale blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.

Really you need to take a minute to take a deep breath in and surround your self with the sounds and smells. The smells you smell are newly cut grass mingled in with fresh air. When you tread deeper into the woods, the trees whisper to each other in the wind. You can hear birds tweeting, and occasionally a hoot of an owl.  Around you are tree after tree after tree perfect for a game of hide and seek. Children run in and out happily playing with their families and friends.



  1. First i would like to say the cottom village green looks really nice but in the picture it doesn`t show the pond being rectangular and on the picture it doesn`t show a playground but is it somewhere else.From Jordan Cooper 7N

  2. I think that all 3 of the descriptions are great and have lots of detail about the place. They have made the place sound like a great place to be. I thought they were great.
    Kelsey R

  3. You have all described your places beautifully i can picture the image in my head from your words. pleasure to read thank-you

    Amy Whiteside Year 7 7K1

  4. ms cox and class.
    I really enjoyed reading the pieces of work,thank you.Although, does the picture on the first piece of work match the description???
    Ellie l yr 7

  5. The village green in cottom sounds nice.

    The canal is described in a very detailed way and you can easily imagine being there.

    I love going to Beacon Felland me and my family go a lot. The description is perfect.
    By Ben Martland

  6. Wow the beacon fell description is really true!!Even though my family and me got lost there!!! :) LOL Chloe H 7n

  7. I totally agree with Isabella. I also enjoy going on a little walk up Beacon Fell to see the stunning views. It is also a place I enjoy going with Scouts when we do lots of intresting activities including Man-hunt and Sudan Chair racing!

  8. i like the first description however sometimes the water is full of litter and algea. There are some places that are like the description but there should be more!

    M.W 7K1

  9. This is interesting i particuly liked it when you
    said it was a peacefull place to live by joel

  10. beacon fell sounds very nice place to visit by joel

  11. i like the sound of that canal ,good description by joel

  12. I have never been to the village green in Cottam but Lydia makes it sound wonderful. maybe I shall take a walk there one day with my dog.

    The comment from Ewan sounds just the right place for a summer picnic or winter stroll. Although I would like to know where it is.

    Beacon Fell sounds like a lovely place to take ten minutes and just chill. If I lived there I would probably go every day.

    Ellie Leeming 7K1

  13. I always like to hear about picturesque places nearby as I often like to take long walks with my dog. All of the descriptions are written in such a way as to make anyone reading them long to visit. I have visited Beacon Fell many times and agree with Isabella's description. I would particularly like to know where the canal walk is and whether the pub is recommended for a place to enjoy lunch.

    Helen Leeming (mum of Ellie in 7K1)

  14. Both areas sound great to live in. I like the type of vocabulary you have used about he one in cottom.

    Thavid 7K1

  15. Dear Ms Cox.Lydia has described Cottam very well but she said that the park was around the corner from the canal,which was apperently very quiet, but i'm sure the park would be heared from the canal. Thank you for reading my comment.


  16. i really like the sound of beaconfell the description is well written and i would like 2
    go there!

    by Humairah 7K1

  17. First of all i would like to point out that the pond in the picture is described as a being rectangular wich dosnt match the visual picture. I have visited beacon fell with my family and it is a scenic place with beautiful view. Ammarah Taylor

  18. Hi Isabella, I agree with your description of Beacon Fell and Even though I haven't been for a long time the Picture in my Mind match the description that you have given us. Lydia your description fits the area perfectly from when I last visited about a week ago. Finally, Last but not Least, Ewan I think you have used great vocabulary and have described the are beautifully.

    Adam Todd - 7K1 - 7R

  19. To Isabella,
    Wow what a lovely description I go to Beacon Fell a lot but I have never thought about it like that before! I think it is a really effective description and it makes you really want to go!

    To Lydia,
    I also think that your description is really good and has some really great describing words!

    To Ewan,
    Along with the others I think that your description is really good I especially liked the end bit about the ducks as I found that quite funny but I think you could improve it by adding a picture.

    Maddie Cowgill Smith 7K1

  20. To Lydia
    Exellent desciption but the blue bench? Was the picture meant to show it?

    To Isabelle
    I love the picture of the stones and rocks all laid out on the floor. Is it in the middle of a storm?

    To Ewan
    I like the way you`ve desribed the scene. But it would be even better with a picture

    Melissa Entwistle 7K1

  21. Thank you for the amazing descriptions! I will show this to our students in Illinois. I look forward to quadblogging with you!

    Mrs. Allen

  22. I think all of the descriptions are amazing, but Ewan the rectangular pond isn't rectangular and Isabella you could have used 1 or 2 more pics.
    Josh Godley 7K1

  23. I like how so many people are commenting. I would also like to comment on Lydia's post as I live in cottam and it is a community as people there talk to each other and interact. Joe Longden BBEC

  24. To Isabella,
    I like beacon fell too it's lots of fun and the views are amazing.In fact we went today at 4.45 it was really dark and fell over about 4 times because it was to dark to see. I love going there the only thing is you have to watch out for the mud. Megan Lowe :)


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