Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Author Damien Dibben Visits BBEC

Today Damien Dibben visited the LRC (Library) to promote his new book 'The History Keepers '

Damien  first told us about himself and gave us a basic outline of the story. Next he  read a short extract from the start of the story. We then got the chance to ask  Damien some questions about his life.

One pupil asked 'Where did you write your book?'  Damien replied 'I work in an office in London and each morning & evening when I go to and from the office I walk my dog along the River Thames'.  

The Year 7 pupils who attended this event, thoroughly enjoyed the visit and many left looking forward to reading their signed copy of the History Keepers.  

Watch out for the film of the book!


  1. An excellent idea to make the book more interesting to the children...
    Karen Whitlock ( Jake Whitlock 7S mother )

  2. Congratulations on your first post for The Flying Memo, Adam. Great effort.

  3. just think,
    when the film comes out, we can say we met the author in the library at BBEC

    Mrs Harwood


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