Wednesday, 28 September 2011


HERE IS A COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS IN YEARS 7 -9.  The winner will receive a Zondle t-shirt.  NB: The deadline for completing the game is Friday 7th October 2011.  Have fun.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Open Evening - 2011!

Below are a series of comments typed in by visitors to EN3 -on open evening.  We invited our young visitors to tell us about their experiences of BBEC's Open Evening.

Hi I'm Dylan Blair I go to St Francis Goosnargh ( I'm in year 4 ) I have just walked in and the English room is brilliant!

Hi I'm Brogan Blair (Dylan's brother) I can't wait to go and look around the school.

Hi i'm Megan and I loved the cooking class! Im from St. Clares catholic primary school and I loved the way they made the food taste so nice !

Hi! Im Thomas Hulme @ broughton primary!!! Ermmm well everythings pretty cool, the literacy and ict is good; and everybody is really friendly. The apple orchard idea is pretty awesome as well.

Hi! Im Aishah Hussain from ST. AUGUSTINES I have enjoyed the opening evening and best of all i enjoyed eating the yummy pancakes YUM YUM !!! broughton is a really gooooood school and i really hope i come Byeeeeeeeee :)


Grace Gudgeon and Emily Stewart, Queens Drive I like the goo in science. I loved going all around the school and doing all of the activites with the pupils of the school!

this school looks amazing I would love to come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alex culbert, longridge ce primary school

hi, im eve and i think this school is awsome everything is great.

Friday, 23 September 2011


We are studying and writing about superheroes at the moment in Year 8.  Below, some members of 8E4 introduce themselves and discuss what special powers they wish they had. Do join in the conversation by leaving a comment.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Peace Out

To day was world peace day which is when the whole world tries to not fight and just be at peace together.  So the majority of BBEC students formed a human peace sign as one in the school court yard to show that the school is all behind world peace day.

Oliver Dunkley

Author Damien Dibben Visits BBEC

Today Damien Dibben visited the LRC (Library) to promote his new book 'The History Keepers '

Damien  first told us about himself and gave us a basic outline of the story. Next he  read a short extract from the start of the story. We then got the chance to ask  Damien some questions about his life.

One pupil asked 'Where did you write your book?'  Damien replied 'I work in an office in London and each morning & evening when I go to and from the office I walk my dog along the River Thames'.  

The Year 7 pupils who attended this event, thoroughly enjoyed the visit and many left looking forward to reading their signed copy of the History Keepers.  

Watch out for the film of the book!

New Year, New Start

Year 10, 3 years at BBEC, oh how time flies!
It's another year and a new start for everyone, pupils and staff. We're all being reminded and reminded again that we all have a fresh start. Fresh starts really do matter. I think that famous saying, "First impressions count" is true. With the options I picked for my GCSE's, I now feel nervous but comfortable that I've chosen the subjects I like and enjoy. After choosing ICT, French, Graphics and Geography, I feel I have a wide variety of subjects as well as the ones I enjoy

Henry Cookson 10N

We're back in Full Swing!

Hello, I'm James,
Life is back to Normal at BBEC now and I've got to say it feels like we've never been away! Everybody is in full swing, the new year 7's  have settled in and all the extra-curricula activities are back on! I am particularly looking forward to helping in the Green Team and the new orchard Project. Soon we will have our own orchard and then we will be able to have our apples for allsorts of different things! I bet a Apple Crumble will be good. But what makes it more special is that they are all english apples!
Thanks for Reading!

Hi I'm Oliver and I'm writing this blog at Media Club.  I'm new to the whole media team business.  The reason I joined was because I want to develop my videos and photography skills. I already make funny videos which I post on Youtube and I want to improve my technique.  I love to take pictures and am looking forward to getting some tips off Ms Slack. 

Monday, 19 September 2011


Although it’s not the biggest of places, Cottam is a green and pleasant place to live. Full of children-full of life. The village green is like a big green oval egg surrounded by a rock wall. The rectangular pond shimmers in the low winter sunshine and sometimes the water is so still it’s almost mirror like ,as I can see my own reflection. As ducks swim gracefully in the pond, children play happily on the lovely little playground around the corner from the canal. The canal is a quiet place were only the sounds of birds tweeting are heard. Next to the canal is a blue bench which has been placed there to admire the view, of water slowly running along rocks. After a hard day’s work the only thing to do is relax and to hear the birds singing and the laughs of children playing.

About 5 minutes journey from my house there is a lovely little pub on the side of the quiet picturesque canal with lots of old rusty canal boats, worn wooden barges and some brand new glistening white boats. If you stroll along the banks of the canal you will be able to take in all the sights of the flowers that are growing like a rainbow and the Fluorescent green lily pads sitting on the water top with the bright yellow sun gleaming down on them and the boats lazily slip on by. It is a great place to waste the day away with your family or walk your dog for an hour or two. All year round the canal is a beautiful, peaceful place to walk especially in winter when the water has a frozen crust of ice and snow. As you walk along the water’s edge the frozen ground crunches below your feet and ducks waddle along the ice looking like drunken skaters.

Beacon Fell is a local beauty spot, with stunning views from every angle, which is just a 10 minute drive from my house. When I am walking up Beacon Fell I never really realise how beautiful it is. Reaching the top I stand and stare at the view taking it all in; Green, brown and gold streams of light enter my sight of vision. The green, grassy hills look as if they’re silhouetting sleeping giants. The wet rain sometimes puts a downer on the delightful walk, but on a nice day the bright face smiling down on you really sets of the pale blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.

Really you need to take a minute to take a deep breath in and surround your self with the sounds and smells. The smells you smell are newly cut grass mingled in with fresh air. When you tread deeper into the woods, the trees whisper to each other in the wind. You can hear birds tweeting, and occasionally a hoot of an owl.  Around you are tree after tree after tree perfect for a game of hide and seek. Children run in and out happily playing with their families and friends.


Sunday, 18 September 2011


Just before we broke up for summer, I spent two weeks on a work experience placement at Wallwork Nelson and Johnson, an accounting firm near Preston Docks. I found it very enjoyable but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I was given actual clients accounts to update to this year and was doing actual accounting work rather than a model.

When looking for a placement, I wasn’t really sure where to start. My favourite subjects are Science and Maths so when my mum’s friend suggested I went to the accountants where her husband worked, I sent in my form to get the insurance signed off. I had also sent applications to other places such as a solicitors’ office in case it didn’t work out.

Going on work experience has shown me what it is like to work in an accountants’ office. I was surprised at how much the computer is used for and how little is hand written Maths. It really opened my eyes to how different the job was to my expectations.  

BY Kirsty

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Who better to launch a brand new project for BBEC (quadblogging) than my brand new class, 7K1.  Here they are showing off their hardly used Homework Diaries.  Just give it time, folks!

Apologies for the poor quality photo.  I will get better - promise!

Meet Some Of 7K1 (mp3)

We are really looking forward to working with our Quadblogging partner schools: 
OLCHFA Comprehensive School in Swansea, Wales
Hartshill School, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England.
Cathedral of St Raymond School, Joliet, Illinois, USA

Check out their blogs below.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Computer_nerd_3It's incredibly easy for students AND TEACHERS to post here on "The Flying Memo"  Once I have invited you to be a contributor all you have to do is open an e mail using the school's new e-mail system (Google Apps); type up the post; add a picture or two, if desired, and  SEND it to the  address given to you in a welcome e-mail.   Within seconds your post will be on the blog for all to enjoy and I will have been e-mailed an alert informing me that a new post has been added. It's that simple.  So, aspiring bloggers, what are you waiting for?  E-mail me - Ms Cox ( with a request to become a contributor and get blogging. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


If you know what blogging is and if you know that quad means 4, then you might be able to work out what QUADBLOGGING is.  I can tell you it's something that is going to happen on this blog between now and Christmas; it's something that is going to involve my lower school English classes; and it's something that reminds me of my earliest days in teaching, many moons ago, when I organised a pen-pal scheme for some of my classes to encourage them to write.

Watch this space for more news!