Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After frantic preparations over the last three weeks, the Lower School Debating Competition finally took place in the penultimate week of term - and what performances we saw  across all three year groups.

Congratulations go to the following students who successfully proposed the motion: Kia Morne and Tom Griffiths (Yr7), Laura Oldfield and Hanna Mogra; (Yr8) Tom Griffiths (Yr7) and Saskia Starritt (Yr 8); Emma Robinson and Henry Cookson & Hope Jordan and Martin McClintock (Yr 9). 

The motion was defeated by the following speakers: Katie Cooper and Eleanor English & Decland Court and Caroline McHale (Yr 7); Kat Kirkbride and Rebecca Lund (Yr 8); Aimee Harper and Josh Mascord (Yr 9).  Very well done.

Thanks and commiserations go to Isabelle Rayworth, Olivia Dymond, Joe Hyde, Archie Calder, Laura Dewhurst and Madeline Bennett (Yr7); Andrew Connell, Catherine Hamilton, Beth Cuckson, Georgina Round, Lucas Fell and Katie Anderton (Yr 8); Abby Welsh Emily Seagrave, Shauntelle Austin, Dan McClean and Abbie Betteridge (Year 9).

Thanks must also go to the News of the World, Katie Price, Ryan Giggs and Kate Middleton/The Duchess of Cambridge for inspiring so many of the speakers - both for and against.

Finally I extend a huge thank you to those parents who have supported the students with scriptwriting and provided a listening ear as they practised ...and practised... and practised.

Ms Cox

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Here is a slideshow of last year's debates

BBEC Debates 2010 on PhotoPeach

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