Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I (Jamie O'Donnell) visited the tennis courts to interview Mr Curl about the day’s activities. Mr Curl said that they had just finished the 1st round and all the players were on top form. The age of the players was lower school with Year 7 v Year 8. The matches were interesting to watch and no individual could be identified as a potential winner however the eventual winner of the morning session was Matthew Eason. Matthew played well against Thomas Ikin in the Final.

The weather was dry however it was possible that there could be rainy patches throughout the day. Mr Curl was hoping that the day would stay dry so that everybody could have a fun filled activity. The activity did not start without a hitch!!! The problems incurred were people not turning up, people with no rackets and people in the wrong teams.

It was noted that there was only 2 girls in this morning’s activity. Molly said that the activity was “good but confusing to start with”. Katie said “it’s cool as we get to play in a tournament” she also said “this activity has friendly people and I am looking forward to the full day”.


If anyone thinks the days of great British film making are gone, they need to take a look at the world of celluloid created in BBEC today.

Three films, each of which has a massive fan base and movie addict following, were given a unique tribute which further confirmed their enduring appeal on the Silver Screen.

 From the gory horror of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, to the magical world of the ever popular, global phenomenon which is Harry Potter, and the unforgettable ‘Star Wars’, students re-created highlights in those movies with their own unique spin on those familiar scenes. 

But it wasn’t all lights, camera and action. First, there were costumes and props to be provided if the movies moments were to be recognisable to the audience; students were busily engaged in constructing robot R2D2 and a television complete with coat hanger aerial, whilst Harry’s cloak and other Potter merchandise provided the perfect look.

Filming hadn’t started when the report was filed, but the serious rehearsals were underway with a baseball bat used to threatening effect, a Voldermort practising that chillingly hoarse voice, and roving robot R2D on the move.

Look out Hollywood –  BBEC Film Productions are on their way!


Ever wondered how you would cope if faced with a person who was unconscious, bleeding heavily or choking?

 Today a group of BBEC students have received training from a trainer who, with experience in the Fire Service and the British Red Cross, was able to provide ‘hands on’ guidance in every sense.

 A disturbing sight awaited visitors to Maths 3: an alarming number of corpses decapitated at the waist which, thankfully, turned out to be a number of Resuscitation Annies, the First Aider’s invaluable teaching aid. ‘Annie’ is a dummy who, despite having no body from below the waist, provides a perfect ‘pretend human’for practising compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Trainer Phil ensured students were given up to date training as, surprisingly perhaps, life saving methods have changed as medical knowledge improves. Did you know, for example, that if you suspect someone is unconscious there is no need to check for a pulse – start compressions immediately and unlike previous advice, apply thirty compressions followed by two breaths?

Today’s BBEC students are far more equipped to deal with an emergency requiring first aid than they were yesterday.  Let’s hope they are not required to use their newly acquired skills but if they are, those in need will be in good hands!


No boredom in Maths 2 as board games ruled and students were locked in battle, not only playing Battleships but Monopoly and Chess; there was certainly no shortage of the known and the not so well known games to choose from and competition was fierce.

Jonathan Dinsdale was enjoying counting his wads of money rather than actually playing Monopoly but there was some serious gaming absorbing four studious chess players, including Mr Whitelegg – do Mathematicians make superior chess players? – and an atmosphere of calm reigned. 


A Science Lab was transformed into a Potters’ Paradise as students benefited from the skills of potter Jane of  fired4U Pottery Painting Studio.

Jane provided a selection of mugs, bowls and other blank pottery items which students painted with their own designs which were eye-catching, original and colourful. The painting stage required patience and  meticulous detail and there was no doubt the results were looking polished and professional. Jane will glaze and fire the pottery at her studio in Hennel Lane, Walton le Dale, and they will be ready for collection soon.  This was creative fun at its best and the students are looking forward to receiving their finished item.

                           DAY OF CLAY

Art 1 was a hive of messy activity as slabs of clay were rolled and moulded into shape for the creation of a piece of mechanical sculptural work.

Eduardo Paolozzi was an expert in this unusual form of art / sculpture and inspired by examples of his grand designs and spectacular scale constructions, the students set to work to produce their own Paolozzi style robot! 

Work was well underway and how the final product will be assembled has yet to be seen ……… looking forward to viewing the clay robot once it emerges from the raw material!

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