Tuesday, 19 July 2011


This year all activities were in school. There were a variety such as Cupcake making, Ceramics, Highland games, Hair and Nail, Cricket, Rounder’s and lots more.

We (Anisha, Jessica and Preena) took a look in the Tech rooms and saw the Cup Cakes activity proving very popular with the girls (nice to see a few boys there as well). The teachers assisting the cupcake bakers were Ms Large and Mrs Chilton. By 9.45am, all the mixtures had been made and students were already dolloping delicious looking mixture into the cake cases.

Cup cake making was a half day activity and the students were looking forward to experimenting with t-shirt printing after lunch.

Today -Activities Day - was a very special day for warhammer lovers because they got to play their favourite hobby all day with Mr. Stockley here at BBEC. Wow!

Warhammer is a very technical, precise and expensive game (£1.50 for a normal soldier) to play. It’s also a very creative game because you paint and add pieces onto soldiers. The dice roll is what decides how many shots and moves you have. If you’re just starting out the space marines or a battle set is the way to go because they are the simplest and easiest to use. Only certain soldiers can work together for example orks and grey knights don’t work with each other, however some soldiers have special abilities to manipulate soldiers from different troops over to their side. The rules are very precise and need to be followed or the game won’t work properly.

It was all action in the gym today, with two professional Kick Boxing instructors putting some 20 students from Years 7 - 9 through their paces and teaching them the art of round house, axe and scissor kicks!

Kickboxing is a similar sport to boxing, using your feet to strike your opponent not your hands. Kickboxing is an interesting sport and can be played by both girls and boys. It’s a sport that involves taking on an opponent and needs skilled professionals to teach you all the moves.

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