Monday, 27 June 2011


Today, my Year 10 set 6 class played reporters and wrote a report for The Flying Memo to explain to parents and Year 7 students exactly what will happen this afternoon during the sponsored walk.  After crafting their reports on laptops, they e-mailed me the results for consideration for publication.  Well done to Lauren for being the first to submit her assignment.  Congratulations to Keegan for staying focused and being the second reporter to complete the task.   Have a read of Lauren's efforts below.
All students at Broughton have been asked to do a sponsored walk  to raise money for school funds and get a few sponsor's off, family, friends,
this will be a great chance to show what our school offers and the amount, of students that what help the people that need it the most, if we achieve or target which is £7,200 it will be a great help to our school. And help improve,  pupils education and learning development.
It will be a non-uniform day as the children will get to choose a sensible, and comfy choice of clothing to help them to make the walk easier
we will be having an early lunch at the end of period 3,  then the students will go to there form rooms, and pick up a free,
bottle of water to keep them going threw the walk, students will then get taken with there form to start the walk.
notice, that if your child needs an inhaler then make sure your child has one, if you child has any heart or breathing problems then to let school know, we would say that pupils will be advised to not wear shorts, skirts, dresses, as there may be nettles that can sting and harm pupils. the cafeteria will still be open at lunch and students will be returned to school at normal time for the bell at 3:05. (Lauren)

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