Monday, 27 June 2011


Visitors to school this afternoon were greeted by an eerie silence and a strange absence of people – young and old.    As cows grazed peacefully in the neighbouring fields and a family of ducks patrolled the all weather pitch, some 800 pupils and staff were participating in the 2nd Annual BBEC Sponsored Walk, in aid of school funds, and were wending their way along back lanes and country footpaths, armed with bottles of water and slathered in suncream.

Below a member of the Media Team shares her experiences of the occasion with you.  

This was my first walk at BBEC and I have never been so warm in my life! 2 days ago it was pouring down and now I’m sitting at a desk in the shade, sunburned everywhere, writing this report. The walk was 5 km and let’s just say, without the free water many of us might still be lying down near the motorway bridge! It took about an hour and 25 minutes to complete the walk and I have never had so many nettle stings in such a short space of time! To sum up, a lot of water fights, a lot of dock leaves and a lot of people who never thought they’d be so happy to see school in their lives!

Katie Cooper with help from members of The Media Team. 

Whilst this was a sponsored WALK, some pupils became quite excited at the sight of the finish line and treated us to a sprint finish.  First to cross the line this year were James Rosendale, Will Vaughan and Tom Clarkson of 8H, whose form teacher, Mrs Nash, had responsibility for leading the way.  Close behind were Harry Tagg,  Dilesh Parekh and Byron Daggers  of 7C and Owen John-Haslam, Thomas Crook  and Robert Taylor of 7H.

The top finishers in other forms were as follows:

7N Ben Sapsford, Nikita Shukan, William Mercer

7R Hinesh Chauhan, Joe Hyde and Humza Rafique

7S Laki Kaur,  Jake Turner, Daniel Sharples
8B Conor Entwistle, Chris Clinch, Freddi Dewhurst
8C Andrew Connell, Oliver Dunckley, Eddie Jackson
8N Catherine Hamilton, Stephanie Lett, Megan Gibb
8R Morgan Chilton, Joe Cook
8S Marcus Kirton, Sam King, James Roberts
9B James Gillies, Reece Whyman
9C Peter Murphy, Andrew McCabe, 
9H Aaron O'Leary
9N Oliver  Moore, Steven Bolton
9R Cameron Whyman 
10B Tyler Forbes

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  1. I thought the walk was quite good even though it was realy hot but you got to walk with your friends.


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