Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Well what a spectacular race and the usual warm welcome from Mr Taylor on this glorius 2011 Sports Day.
Here is the update on todays events. In the year 7 and 8's 100m race. Here are the positions:
Year 7 Girls - 1st Chloe Connor from S with a blistering time of 15 seconds 14.
                     2nd Emma Eglin from B who was hot on Chloe's heels with a time of 16 seconds 21.
                     3rd Lauren Whitaker from C with a time off 17 seconds 40.
Year 7 Boys - 1st Thomas Keany from B with an extrodinary time of 13 seconds 62
                      2nd Reece Tyrer from H right on Tom's tail with a time of 14 seconds 94
                      3rd Alex Keleghan from N with a very close time of 15 seconds 29
That rounds up the Year 7 100m sprint. Here are Year 8's results:
Year 8 Girls - 1st Lucy Green from B with a great time of 14 seconds 82
                     2nd Morgan McKee from R with a "red hot" time of 15 seconds 16
                     3rd Rebecca Lund from C who got a very reasonable 15 seconds 89
Year 8 Boys - 1st Marcus Kirton from S with a spine chilling time of 13 seconds 17
                      2nd Sam Cail from B with a superb time of 13 seconds 45
                      3rd Johnathan Herd from C with a very close time of 13 seconds 78
That's all from now, watch this space!
Caitlin Cross and Beth Cuckson

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