Tuesday, 14 June 2011

200m Race

Im Katie Cooper and Im going to be reporting on the 200m race. For the Year 7 boys it couldnt be closer! It came down to a photo finish in the end between S and N,
Ben Sapsford and Daniel Hounsley were so close from start to finish but in the end it was Daniel Hounsly who pulled in the win for S.
Year 8 Girls, It was so close but B won by a mere second as she pulled ahead on the strait.
Year 8 Boys - R led from the start and won by miles!
9 Girls - A delayed start however, one of the fastest race, N won in the end.
Thats most of the 200m races!
Enjoy Sports Day!

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  1. Katie you spelt Daniel Hounsley wrong it is actually Daniel Hounslea but anyway good race


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