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 I made this slide show using a free web 2.0 tool called PhotoPeach.   I didn't realise that I couldn't rotate the photographs once I had uploaded them into my slideshow.  Oops!

Monday, 27 June 2011


Visitors to school this afternoon were greeted by an eerie silence and a strange absence of people – young and old.    As cows grazed peacefully in the neighbouring fields and a family of ducks patrolled the all weather pitch, some 800 pupils and staff were participating in the 2nd Annual BBEC Sponsored Walk, in aid of school funds, and were wending their way along back lanes and country footpaths, armed with bottles of water and slathered in suncream.

Below a member of the Media Team shares her experiences of the occasion with you.  

This was my first walk at BBEC and I have never been so warm in my life! 2 days ago it was pouring down and now I’m sitting at a desk in the shade, sunburned everywhere, writing this report. The walk was 5 km and let’s just say, without the free water many of us might still be lying down near the motorway bridge! It took about an hour and 25 minutes to complete the walk and I have never had so many nettle stings in such a short space of time! To sum up, a lot of water fights, a lot of dock leaves and a lot of people who never thought they’d be so happy to see school in their lives!

Katie Cooper with help from members of The Media Team. 

Whilst this was a sponsored WALK, some pupils became quite excited at the sight of the finish line and treated us to a sprint finish.  First to cross the line this year were James Rosendale, Will Vaughan and Tom Clarkson of 8H, whose form teacher, Mrs Nash, had responsibility for leading the way.  Close behind were Harry Tagg,  Dilesh Parekh and Byron Daggers  of 7C and Owen John-Haslam, Thomas Crook  and Robert Taylor of 7H.

The top finishers in other forms were as follows:

7N Ben Sapsford, Nikita Shukan, William Mercer

7R Hinesh Chauhan, Joe Hyde and Humza Rafique

7S Laki Kaur,  Jake Turner, Daniel Sharples
8B Conor Entwistle, Chris Clinch, Freddi Dewhurst
8C Andrew Connell, Oliver Dunckley, Eddie Jackson
8N Catherine Hamilton, Stephanie Lett, Megan Gibb
8R Morgan Chilton, Joe Cook
8S Marcus Kirton, Sam King, James Roberts
9B James Gillies, Reece Whyman
9C Peter Murphy, Andrew McCabe, 
9H Aaron O'Leary
9N Oliver  Moore, Steven Bolton
9R Cameron Whyman 
10B Tyler Forbes


Today, my Year 10 set 6 class played reporters and wrote a report for The Flying Memo to explain to parents and Year 7 students exactly what will happen this afternoon during the sponsored walk.  After crafting their reports on laptops, they e-mailed me the results for consideration for publication.  Well done to Lauren for being the first to submit her assignment.  Congratulations to Keegan for staying focused and being the second reporter to complete the task.   Have a read of Lauren's efforts below.
All students at Broughton have been asked to do a sponsored walk  to raise money for school funds and get a few sponsor's off, family, friends,
this will be a great chance to show what our school offers and the amount, of students that what help the people that need it the most, if we achieve or target which is £7,200 it will be a great help to our school. And help improve,  pupils education and learning development.
It will be a non-uniform day as the children will get to choose a sensible, and comfy choice of clothing to help them to make the walk easier
we will be having an early lunch at the end of period 3,  then the students will go to there form rooms, and pick up a free,
bottle of water to keep them going threw the walk, students will then get taken with there form to start the walk.
notice, that if your child needs an inhaler then make sure your child has one, if you child has any heart or breathing problems then to let school know, we would say that pupils will be advised to not wear shorts, skirts, dresses, as there may be nettles that can sting and harm pupils. the cafeteria will still be open at lunch and students will be returned to school at normal time for the bell at 3:05. (Lauren)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Students took turns wearing a sandwich board showing a QR code to enable spectators to browse our new blog during sports day.


Saturday, 18 June 2011


We extend a huge thank you to the Dewhurst Family of "Dewhurst Embroidery" for putting the finishing touches to the launch of our Media Team and providing us with a super banner. 

Friday, 17 June 2011

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Today  at  Media Team H.Q. we have taken and processed nearly 3000 photos of Sports Day events and participants.  Over now to Miss Slack for editing and culling!! 


Mr & Mrs Cartmell are ex-parents of pupils at BBEC and Grandparents of those who still go to BBEC. Their children all went to BBEC and Melania sadly passed away with Leukemia whilst at BBEC. She wasn't brilliant at sport but put lots of effort into sports. Before sports day she really wanted to do long jump and all the teachers said she put lots and lots of effort into practicing for the long jump. After she passed away, her parents donated the Cartmell Endeavour Trophy, this has and still is given away every year to a pupil who puts in extreme amounts of effort. They have been going to BBEC Sports Days for over 30 years! Imagine that 30 sports days at BBEC, although many things have changed, they still remember Mr Shepherd with his race starting clappers!


Overall in the whole school S are the current winners but all could change after the relay races!

New Record

Joe Crawford - Year 10, has just become the new record holder for the 200m finishing in a astonishing time of 24.39 seconds!

1500m report

Harry Tagg, 7C competed in the year7 and 8 2011 sports day 1500m race. Harry started slowly as he tripped over at the crowded startline!
He beat his practice time by a staggering 9 seconds! His practice time was a great time of 6minutes and 6seconds and on sports day he got an excellent time of 5minutes and 57seconds hot on the heels of a year 8 student.2nd overal and 1st out of the year 7! A great run all round by the athletes.
Will Morris,7B  

200m Race

Im Katie Cooper and Im going to be reporting on the 200m race. For the Year 7 boys it couldnt be closer! It came down to a photo finish in the end between S and N,
Ben Sapsford and Daniel Hounsley were so close from start to finish but in the end it was Daniel Hounsly who pulled in the win for S.
Year 8 Girls, It was so close but B won by a mere second as she pulled ahead on the strait.
Year 8 Boys - R led from the start and won by miles!
9 Girls - A delayed start however, one of the fastest race, N won in the end.
Thats most of the 200m races!
Enjoy Sports Day!


Sadie Giles -  NEW RECORD for year 10 discus with 25.20metres!

Let the Games Begin!

Well what a spectacular race and the usual warm welcome from Mr Taylor on this glorius 2011 Sports Day.
Here is the update on todays events. In the year 7 and 8's 100m race. Here are the positions:
Year 7 Girls - 1st Chloe Connor from S with a blistering time of 15 seconds 14.
                     2nd Emma Eglin from B who was hot on Chloe's heels with a time of 16 seconds 21.
                     3rd Lauren Whitaker from C with a time off 17 seconds 40.
Year 7 Boys - 1st Thomas Keany from B with an extrodinary time of 13 seconds 62
                      2nd Reece Tyrer from H right on Tom's tail with a time of 14 seconds 94
                      3rd Alex Keleghan from N with a very close time of 15 seconds 29
That rounds up the Year 7 100m sprint. Here are Year 8's results:
Year 8 Girls - 1st Lucy Green from B with a great time of 14 seconds 82
                     2nd Morgan McKee from R with a "red hot" time of 15 seconds 16
                     3rd Rebecca Lund from C who got a very reasonable 15 seconds 89
Year 8 Boys - 1st Marcus Kirton from S with a spine chilling time of 13 seconds 17
                      2nd Sam Cail from B with a superb time of 13 seconds 45
                      3rd Johnathan Herd from C with a very close time of 13 seconds 78
That's all from now, watch this space!
Caitlin Cross and Beth Cuckson


Sophie Garrity - NEW RECORD holder for year 7 shot put with 7.65m!!

NEW school record

Nadia Patel - NEW RECORD holder for year 8 triple jump with 9.21metres!!

Sports Day Results

Check out the scores at the half way stage of Sports Day

800m Marvel

What a spectacular 800m race that was. Both year 7 and 8 pushed their hardest to get the best results. The 800m is a race which tests your stamina, physical and mental strength. Here are the results from that awesome race:
Year 7 - 1st Tom Griffiths from C with an amazing time of 2 minutes 56.
             2nd James McMahon from R.
             3rd Rebecca Stirzaker from B.
Year 8 - 1st Abbie Fower from B with a stunning time of 2 minutes 58 so just 2 seconds off Tom's time!
             2nd Ewan Cookson from S.
             3rd Michael Fountain from B.
It was a brilliant race with lots of good times. Although unfortunately no new school records were set in this mind blowing race but better luck next year.
Caitlin Cross and Beth Cuckson

Discover all our interviews and audio

Visit our new Audio page here and discover all our interviews there. We did this becuase posting all the audio on the main blog page would make it very slow

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Sports Day 2011 heralds the much awaited launch of BBEC's Media Team - a dedicated group of students committed to recording and reporting on school events over the year.
Students from years 7 - 9 have been in training for much of the year, learning how to create and post to blogs,  make slide shows from photos they have taken and stored centrally on the web, and  produce and host podcasts.
It has not been easy: technology is fickle at the best of times, and we have not always had the best of times!  Nevertheless, weather permitting on Sports Day, the hand picked bunch of students will be busy interviewing and photographing  as well as reporting, as the action happens.
Good Luck everyone.

Ms Cox